Say NO to the good so you can say YES to the greater (Hero’s Journey)

Taking the Hero’s Journey approach to change: Say YES to yourself

I don’t know how many processes of the Hero’s Journey you’ve gone through this past year but looking back on my own life in 2016 there’s been a few. 

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As you may or may not know, the Hero’s Journey is a description Joseph Campbell used that describes the transformational process a human being goes through (and it’s also used in script-writing/movies). 

We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned as to the have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell.

Every tranformational journey we make can have the Hero’s Journey as a way-shower for us and I can attest to this as it’s a constant process in my own life.

Change is constant!

I love going higher and learning and discovering more and more about life and myself, always have and always will.

You could describe the Hero’s Journey as the journey of life, about the ups and downs we experience, and the challenges and finally also the victories.

“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man” – Joseph Campbell

There can be a few huge leaps we take every year and then some smaller ones too when it comes to the transformational processes.

Life is an evolutionary journey where you go deeper and higher, continuously. 

Our life journey is one of constant transformation and in order to grow and discover more about yourself and life (what you are capable of), you have to move outside of your comfort zone and you simply must learn to embrace change.

Welcome change!

If someone’s ego is very strong they are unlikely to proceed on the Hero’s Journey after the initial call when the refusal happens (the doubt, fear etc), even if it has ‘come to them’. 

Meaning they have asked for change and then when something shows up in their life (a person showing them a new way, an idea popping up in their mind etc), they don’t proceed further because they let their ego stop them.

They get stuck on the second stage of the Hero’s Journey which is the stage of “refusal”.

First comes the call (calling, new direction, path, action to take, etc) and stage 2 is when the initial refusal to take the step to answer the call happens.

And then if the person takes the step despite of their fear (stage 3), then the help and assistance comes (stage 4).

It never comes before someone takes the step outside of their comfort zone. It comes after you’ve dared to make a choice that is in alignment with your truth. 

Most people block themselves from experiencing progress in their lives because the help they have asked for (and maybe prayed for) didn’t come in a way that their ego agreed with.

The ego wants change to be comfortable but change is never fun and easy all the time. It always has its challenges too.

Not that you have to suffer through them. You just have to be aware of them, and that makes all the difference. 

And above all, you have to trust yourself.

In order to change we need to surrender

Feeling stuck and stagnated?

Truth is that if you had gone with the guidance immediately you would have gone higher instead of staying where you are. 

That’s how it works; you receive the calling (via intuition, guidance, ideas, etc) and you answer the call.

There’s no way around this. 

You might have to make a difficult decision in the process but you will do it anyway, even if it’s hard, and then when you do, you’ll find that help and assistance is on the other side of the choice you had to make.

We have trust ourselves and stay true to ourselves

Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ to something really good too so that you can say ‘yes’ to the greater – without knowing how it will come about!

Even if the ‘good’ is great in itself!

See the challenge as a growth experience

What is it that you have to learn, how do you need to grow? It could be about something as simple as learning to appreciate what you have more.

The important thing is to ask yourself these questions and listen deeply to what comes up. 

Where is the blockage that keeps you from progressing..? What do you need to see clearly? 

When a blockage gets hit, it’s a good thing, if seen that way of course, because it shows you what you need to do in order to open up to the new.

And when you open up internally you’ll begin to release the blocked energy!

When it’s released you merge back into the true flow of your life and it’s in every way always only empowering you.

It weakens the ego and strengthens You, and that’s when you begin to go up and higher and higher in consciousness and in your overall life experience (things just gets better and brighter).

But again; if you have a lot of fear, you won’t embrace the change but instead you’ll try to create the world around you to be predictable and controllable, a world that doesn’t stimulate any of your ego’s fears. 

The Hero’s Journey always takes place outside of our comfort zone

Deep transformation happens only if we bring awareness to the way the ego functions, so my invitation to you today is to become acutely aware of something you feel called to do but are resisting (the “refusal” stage) and consider to finally answer the call. 

When you make a choice that is in alignment with what Life wants (which in essence is you) you’ll begin to feel that life is moving forward again.

That’s also when you actually begin to look forward to the changes and the transformation that the new path will create in your life because it absolutely brings an new sense of aliveness to anyone who dares to follow their inner knowing. 

Then it’s not so “scary” anymore but instead fun and exciting! Until the next round that is..! 😉

Because the adventure never ends..! 😊

road less traveled quote
It really makes all the difference to follow your own path, the path that awaits for you and unfolds for you as you continue to take steps outside of your comfort zone.


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