say YES to what your Soul wants

Say YES to your Soul

If you want to feel connected to your Soul you have to say Yes to it when it speaks to you.

When something is calling you, when a desire comes up, or a nudge to do something, listen to it and take action on it.

Don’t spend any time thinking about why something won’t work (“I can’t afford it”, “it’s too difficult”, “I don’t know enough/I’m not ready”, “I’m too old/young”, “I can’t just suddenly change my mind/direction/do something different/new”, etc.) as most people do.

The moment a guidance comes to them and they can’t see how it’s going to work or happen, or if it’s even slightly out of their comfort zone, they dismiss it and say they can’t do it.

They are essentially dismissing the calling of their Soul and saying No to it; saying No to Life itself.


An extraordinary life is waiting for you, and it begins with the discovery that within you lives a very reliable intuitive guidance.

It’s always there, ready and available.

All you have to do is to sincerely tune into what your Soul wants for you (and it always wants happiness for you).

Once you decide to listen to it and say YES to it, a life of synchronicity and flow becomes available to you.

Following your inner guidance is the fastest way to shift your vibration into alignment with the flow of Life.

One way to do this is to ask yourself these two questions when a nudge to do something or go somewhere comes up:

“What is fear telling me about this?”, and then listen to what comes up.

And then ask yourself “what is my intuition (or Soul) telling me about this?”, and then listen to what comes up.

That way you become aware of the different feelings and can sense what the right guidance is and what to follow.

Saying YES to your Soul always takes you on the path that you’re meant to be on next and that will help you to the next level of your life.

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Life has a magical way of clicking into place once you get in alignment with it.

Once you’re freed from the past and blockages are released and dissolved, a sense of renewal and liberation comes over you and you’re able to move forward in life with a new sense of aliveness and inner joy, peace and confidence.

You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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