What My Screenplay Is About

I’m so happy to share with you that I have almost finished writing my first draft!

I probably have the whole first draft of the screenplay finished in a few days (I’m on page 92 and the average screenplay is about 110 pages), and then I can begin re-writing and editing the second draft.

I’m really enjoying this and I love how the story has unfolded because it has surprised me too sometimes.

The twists and turns it has taken was not completely how I had outlined it when I outlined the script structure in the beginning of the process and the different scenes and happenings that would unfold.

Even the names of the characters has at times surprised me.

It’s like the characters have told me their name and if I have tried to change them into something else, it has not felt right or authentic so I have changed them back to the original that was shown to me the first time around.

Some nights I’m bombarded with ideas that I have to write down, even if I want to sleep they keep coming and they won’t stop until I have written them down, and some days I have stared at the manuscript on my screen for a long time before the creative flow have started to come alive.

That’s how it is with fiction – not so much with my article writing (as it is more in the moment and it just naturally flows without me having to think too much).

It’s very different and I’m in ways taken back to when I was a child (and to my youth) and wrote in class and we had a writing assignments.

I remember that many times it took me a long time to get started, but when I did get started, then the writing was almost unstoppable.

Writing a screenplay is also different from the point of view that there’s research that I have to do in order for the script to become believable even though some scenes are based on my own life experiences.

I’m aiming to write for the american audience and not the scandinavian (it’s in English), so there are some differences there to take into consideration.

A simple thing as like for example yesterday I wrote a scene where there’s a fire in an apartment, but before I can write it fully I need to research how the firemen in USA work and what rules there are, if you’re able to stay in an apartment when there has been a (small) fire or if you have to sleep elsewhere and so on.

So before I know what the character can do in this situation I need to know what the natural development would be for someone in real life.

But I really like the whole process despite of the fact that I have to take breaks from the writing to do that kind of research, because sometimes I just want to write, but I can’t before I know how it can unfold, what options there are for the characters in the script.

The character is stuck in the apartment until I know where she can go! 

I have a plan and structure (a “beat sheet” that describes the whole movie from scene one to the end) but the story itself has unfolded in a slightly different way along the creative process.

Kind of how it is in real life too. 🙂

I would love to see my screenplay become a movie, and I will continue writing and see what unfolds on the way – what will be shown to me is still a mystery, all I know is that I’m enjoying what I’m doing and it feels natural to me.

Life unfolds in ways that are unbeknown to us, it’s mysterious in its ways.

I can decide that today I will be writing on my screenplay and find myself writing a long article instead about something that I didn’t even think of when I woke up.

But if it goes as I think, I will be ready for the next step (the second draft) in the process very soon.  

To me this journey is a complete mystery and I love that. 


So what’s my screenplay about? 

In the film industry there’s something called “a logline” and that’s basically your pitch.

It’s something you decide before you start writing and it’s also what you can refer back to at any time during the writing process as it describes your screenplay in a couple of sentences.

The logline describes what the movie is about and should be clear and short and you should be able to see the whole movie in it.

This is my logline:

“It’s about a young woman, an outsider, who struggles to become free from addiction but her past keeps hunting her and drawing her back.

For ten years she seeks to find the independence and freedom she craves, only to realize that what she have been seeking had already been there all this time..”

I will tweak and re-write this as I don’t feel it has all the components in place that a logline should have (there are rules about what it should contain), but that should give you a feeling of what kind of movie it is.

It’s a drama movie with some humour too 🙂

Does it sound like a movie you would like to watch?  


I’m very happy with the process so far:)

I would love to move to a sunny and warm country and continue my writing there:


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