The Secret Knowledge of Your Gut

It’s not a secret at all, only neglected and ignored by so many among us.

Ever since I was a child I have felt that you can’t go wrong when you follow your heart and that is something I still live by, but what many seem to think is that following what your heart tells you automatically leads you to bliss, abundance and success.

To “follow your bliss” is not about chasing bliss, running after it, hoping that one day you will get prosperity and outrageous success or something like that. (=”Become happy”).

Plainly put; to follow your bliss is not about doing things in order to get something from your actions. 

Bliss is doing what you enjoy Now. When the doing itself is the bliss.

Bliss doesn’t have to mean excitement and awesomeness (like in ‘woo hoo!’), it simply means doing what makes your soul come alive. (Your gut knows what that is so follow it). 

I wouldn’t say that working with helping starving children in Africa is something that is “blissful”, but it gives your life meaning and purpose without using those words actually.

It just is the obvious thing to do for that particular person. It’s not to satisfy the (little) self but to follow that which feels right in the heart.   

If you’re not enjoying what you do now, you’re probably only doing it to get money or hoping to get something of material value in the future so you’re basically wasting your life on crap.

If that’s all you live for you’re poor, no matter how much money you have or are hoping to get.

Even if you feel called to become an actor for example, the journey in the ‘becoming stages’ would still be what you would chose to do if that was your last moment in life.

Even if that meant that you had to wait tables on the side just to get food on the table, you’d know it’s not the main purpose of your life. You’d know it’s not forever.

Your focus would be on whatever it is that an aspiring actor/actress has to do to be able to express their talent and gift to others in best possible ways, and that in itself would be the joy of living.  

A simple way to see what your commitment is to (what you value most) is to ask yourself;

Would I do the things I do today if this was my last day in life? 

I doubt many of us would say that chasing money is the most important thing.

We would clearly see that the process of coming from the heart (expression of who we are) would be what we want to live for. 

Ask any (financially) struggling artist if they don’t feel bliss (or meaning/purpose) in the mere act of doing and expressing their creativity right now despite of challenges and times of hardship. 

They don’t do it to get something, but often times what the ego thinks bliss is about is to have lots of money and admiration, worldly success and so forth.

That’s not it at all.

You would have to go on chasing it forever because you can’t ever satisfy the hungry ghosts. (Fear, desire, greed, addiction, anything that is driven by emotional needs, whatever you think will make you happy or give you satisfaction and fulfilment). 

Nothing wrong with money! That’s not what I’m saying. I am all for money too, you can do more things when having some, but that is not why I exist. I don’t live to get money.

(There are so many things I have yet to share with about my own journey when it comes to that). 

I follow my intuition and my inspiration, and that has many times been a very challenging thing to do. It has lead me to homelessness and being financially broke and poor, but I have always had exactly what I have needed.

That’s what the ‘invisible helping hands’ are about. 

So many things has worked themselves out miraculously and in incredible ways for me personally on my journey, but it has nothing to do with fulfilments of the desires of the ego. 

You get what you need on the path, not necessarily what you want, and then one day you come to realize that what you get is what you also want. 

Think back on your own life; think about how things has evolved for you – could you ever had imagined that life would look as it does for you now?

Could you ever had anticipated the people you have met and the situations you have encountered? Has anything gone the way you actually intended or thought they would?

Could you have predicted all the sudden twists and turns of events in your life?

Isn’t it clear to you as well that life is totally unpredictable? And can’t you also look back and thank your lucky star that some of the things you so desperately at one point wanted, never came true?

Life is a dream, and just as our nightly dreams, this dream awake is a happening in consciousness.

Nothing is sure until it’s actually happening, and what is happening now is what life is

The teaching or sign you’re in need of or looking for is right here, in front of you, in your own life experience.

Give life a chance to live you without your constant battle against it.

All your endless trying to have it your way and struggling your way through life, you can let go of that and see what happens.

Watch life.

The true nature of who you are takes care of itself and how it instructs itself is through our gut feeling and intuitive hunches. 

If only for today, stop and watch life. Observe how it moves. 

Stop doing what you don’t like doing (what feels ‘off’), and instead follow your bliss in the moment, which is simply what you are drawn to do right now. 

It doesn’t always have to be something big, it can be the tiniest things, it can be that you feel like going out for a walk, and who knows what you’d miss (an important encounter maybe) if you ignore the call, if you (your ego mind) thinks that this thing over here is more important than what the gut tells you, because our rational mind so easily brushes of those things as being trivial.

A walk?! Bah! I don’t have time for walks, I have this very important thing to do! The walk has to wait.” (Waiting means you just lost the moment). 

Look at your reasons. If it’s not because you feel it’s the right thing to do for the only reason that it feels like the right thing to do, then you are doing it in hope (or intention) for some kind of future profit.

You’re only doing it to get something out of it.

But if you just do it because that is what your gut is telling you to do, then that’s the only reason there is and ever needs to be.

And that is what needs to be trusted, not what your ego tells you to do so It can feel safe and secure.

Following your heart, or your bliss, or whatever you want to call it (we all know what it is that I’m referring to), means that the life you’ll lead is an authentic life, a true life, and it has nothing to do with gain or achievements.

Living an authentic life means that even the things that seem ‘wrong’ in your life experience, is somehow ‘right’. (And not permanent). 

Everything that is not authentic hurts and this becomes very apparent as we mature spiritually.

You can no longer deny the urge and push from within and with the commitment to that, fear is no longer a hindrance.

When you go with it (your gut) you realize that life is not happening to you, but you are an aspect of the happening itself.

It’s life living itself, through and as you, without the ego’s desire to control.

And you are free. 


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