Security Plugin and Update

Here comes a little update!

I’m sitting in an internet cafe now and right now the internet connection seem to work fine but it’s slow on and off here pretty much every day and so when I’m finally online I wanted to write you and tell you that after the hacking of my site I have implemented more security around it in order to prevent another hacking from happening.

The thing is that there’s so many different plugins out there so it takes time to investigate and do research on which one to buy so in the meantime I’m testing a plugin that is one of the best (supposedly) but I haven’t had time to work out the settings just yet.

I haven’t been able to be online since my tablet stopped working due to some electric conflict stuff (other people with European chargers has had the same problem) and my phone is not letting me in on my site (and other sites as well)  via my phone so I have simply not been able to work with the settings yet.

And doing it via my phone would had been a real hassle as anyone can imagine!

To not have been able to work with the settings of this particular plugin has even caused me to be blocked out from my own site once (!), so if you are experiencing any issues with logging in (this applies only for paying members) then please let me know so that I can unlock you as soon as possible.

It helps me to know if you’re experiencing any issues at all for that matter so please contact me should there be any and I look into it as soon as I can, but the security plugin should be the only “problem” right now, but I can’t remove it either at this point because that would leave my site vulnerable.

I will be traveling the whole Sunday (going to Delhi) and then from there I’ll be doing a 26 hour long train journey down to Goa, where I’ll arrive on Wednesday around noon.

So after Wednesday sometime I’m hoping to be back on track again with everything, so please bear with me and have patience with me (I’m exercising it like crazy here on my end! 🙂 ) as it’s very challenging at the moment.

Thank you.

PS: I was just thinking the other day; is there anything you’d like to know about India traveling..?

Comment below here on my blog or on my Facebook, Twitter etc, and I reply whenever I have the chance!

I know I had a lot of questions myself before I got here and I’m learning something new every day.

Maybe it’s interesting to know what things cost here etc, or whatever you wonder about, just let me know 🙂

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