Henry Ford — 'Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.'

Pushing the boundaries of our beliefs is how we evolve

Our mindset and beliefs are the foundation of everything we do in life. 

As I wrote in my previous article;

Most people are so good at talking themselves out of things when they could just as easily talk themselves into things that would empower them. 

Talking ourselves up or down, in or out, is all in our power.

The truth is that our mind doesn’t care what we tell it, it accepts everything, so why not start telling it amazing things? 

Ponder this;

If it was a year from now, and it was the best year of your life, what would be the biggest thing that would have changed in your life, from money, income, work, friendships, health, being a better version of yourself as a boss, parent, friend, etc?

Take a moment and think about that. Do it before you move on so that you can get the most of this exercise. 

When you ponder it, pay attention to what you say to yourself and the way you ponder this question.

If you say to yourself ‘I would love that goal/kind of life/have or be that, but..’, then realize that the ‘but’ is a story you tell yourself about why you can’t do something, and that story is what hold you back.

Whatever your ‘but’ is is your limiting story, and nothing else holds you back in this life but the story you’re telling yourself.

When you change the story your life will change too. 

So today I invite you to change how you talk with yourself .

Instead of saying things like “I would love to.. but I can’t”, start looking into why you are telling yourself those kinds of lies. 

It’s nothing more than beliefs, and when you see through them, you’re free. 

Reality is nothing but our perception of reality, and the reality you think is holding you back is really just a story.

To grow beyond where we are we need to think and believe differently.

You can’t progress if you keep believing the same old stories in your head. 

Think 5 years ahead, or even ten years ahead, and if you see a vision or dream for your life that is different from the one you lead now, then begin shifting your mind into an empowered state and you will reach your goals in much less time than that. 

If you don’t, you’re going to be in pretty much the same spot where you’re at today.

The story is what hold you back and you give it power by believing in it.

“I can” and “I can’t” and just two different stories/beliefs, and the ones who say “I can”, they are the ones who achieve what they have set their minds to.

When you reverse the negative/disempowering story to an empowering story, you will notice how quickly your life will begin to mold itself in harmony with the new story you’re telling yourself.

You’ll feel more aligned and confident (because now you’re in alignment with Truth and not lies) and a new flow of momentum will take off.

When you have a vision of where you want to go, life becomes exciting and interesting; you have something to wake up to and look forward to and that’s what many people lack.

If you’re one of those people, then know that it is within your power to change that.

You can have a truly beautiful life, and what you ‘see’ and perceive with your senses is not all there is to it, and you know this.

Now you just have to believe it too.

You can have great friends, healthy relationships, more money, fulfilling work, a fit body, bigger income, be a better parent or whatever it is that you’d like. You can absolutely have those things. 

So go back to the question again and answer it in a more self-empowering way this time:

“If it was a year from now, and it was the best year of your life, what would be the biggest thing that would have changed in your life, from money, income, work, friendships, health, being a better version of yourself as a boss, parent, friend, etc?”

Tell yourself that YOU CAN achieve those things, that is IS possible and that you’re gonna have what you want and then start moving towards those things.

Take some kind of action today that demonstrate that you mean what you say. 

And enjoy the journey!

It’s all about the journey, not about the end-goal, because once you’ve ‘made it’, there’s gonna be new limiting beliefs to push through so that you can continue to grow and evolve to yet another level (of greatness) in your life.

Life will continuously take you higher and higher as you evolve and grow. 

Transformation means “trans-form”; You shift/change your form (beingness) into a higher version of yourself, but that version is not a set version.

It will always be evolving to higher and higher levels of living – if you allow it, and to allow it you have to be open to change.

Life is an evolutionary journey that has no end, and there’s no limits to what our minds can do. 

We just have to give it the right instructions and blueprints.

Meaning, get rid of the old programs and install some new ones that are empowering, and it begins with a clear vision and a belief in that vision.

Without belief, it’s not possible to realize it.

Many people dream and they wish, hope and desire, but that’s not enough.

You have to believe. 

And when you believe, that’s when the good stuff in life starts to happen and unfold. 😊

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