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Self-Awareness Articles

What is true for all of us, is that the potential for growth is always there.

But if a person does not allow themselves to grow they experience stagnation and stuckness in their life.

The reason for this is always the refusal to growth, which in essence means resistance to change.

Most people desperately want change, they sincerely want their lives to be different or better, but they don’t want to change.

Because change would take them outside of what is comfortable for the ego, so they remain stuck and stagnated.

When there is not enough self-awareness to see this the person will remain the same (and so will their life).

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When Life gives you an impulse, it must be obeyed.

This is what it means to go with the flow; we actually have to GO – move – with the flow of Life.

The ego will try to talk you out of it and make up all kinds of stories about why you can’t or shouldn’t do something and your job in all of this is to decide to listen to your Soul instead.

So we have to take action when taking action is called for (and you know that by listening to your intuition and by being aware of signs and synchronicities) and you have to do it right away.

If you don’t, if you don’t respond to what your Soul wants after it has helped you clarify a path by giving you a desire or an inclination or direction to do something, you are making a choice (whether you know it or not);

You are in that moment choosing a lesser life than what you’re capable of having. And this is sadly how most people live their lives.

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Becoming aware of the ego voice and your response to it will help you disidentify from it.

Then you’re no longer mentally and emotionally affected by it in negative and limiting ways.

And when it stops affecting you, you become more at ease with everything and everyone around you.

You’re no longer afraid of being hurt or not being liked and you no longer feel the need to please or impress anyone.

When you get in alignment with who you really are all those things fall away.

The need to explain yourself goes away too, and your love and compassion grows for both yourself and others because you don’t think extensively or obsessively about the little ‘me’ anymore, or listen to its voice.

Instead you’re aware of it, knowing it’s only a reflection of your old level of consciousness that is becoming weaker and weaker as your soul’s true expression expands.

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“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.” – Source Unknown

To increase awareness, start doing things in the opposite way, or in a different way.

It’s when we do the same things every day and in the same way (perform the same actions day in and day out) that we’re living our life on autopilot, completely unconscious of the fact that the ego is running our life.

To break the ingrained patterns you can do simple things like the things I mention in this article: “A simple way of becoming more aware (increase self-awareness)

Being in alignment, in flow with Life, means you’ve come together with who you really are.

It’s the way we’re meant to live, and the way to ‘get there’ is by increasing your awareness and self-awareness (knowing who you are and who you are not).

Life always reflects back to you what you are in consciousness.

Most people live completely unaware of this, they have no awareness of the on-going communication they’re always having with Life.

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Most people believe the negative voice in their head so they don’t do the things they want to and instead just submissively (and unconsciously) agree with ego voice and go back to living life through their small self instead.

The good news is that it’s just a programming, and you can change that, you can see through the ego voice and free yourself from it.

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And lastly, I just found one of my older audios about self-awareness: “Get Unstuck With Self-Awareness” that will be helpful to you in terms of breaking free from the old and entering into the new and True.

If you’re in Costa del Sol in Spain or Gibraltar area be sure to pick up the December 2019 edition of Society Marbella Magazine.

In it you can read one of my articles about self-awareness (page 46-47).

Society Marbella Magazine, Kylie Minogue.
Society Marbella Magazine, Article by Maria Erving, December 2019.

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