Use self-awareness to see through the ego

Self-awareness will save you from having the ego running your life

There is a voice in most people’s heads that makes them feel they are not enough.

The not-enoughness is something nearly everybody has and that’s the voice of the ego which is preventing people from really living their life fully.

It’s like a constant victim mentality-voice that makes you believe that life is happening to you, and it goes so deep that we’re not even aware of it until we have cultivated enough self-awareness.

We developed the ego voice when we were small kids by what our parents (and other adults in our life) told us about life (=their limiting beliefs), society and its rules (which in most cases is the complete opposite of what living in the flow of Life is), so no wonder the world looks like it does.

I mean, I only follow the good stuff (I haven’t watched the news for over a decade or so), but you know what I mean. We all know that the world is not what it could be.

There’s a voice in most people’s head that is convincing them that life is about making money and surviving. We learn this from early age, but in reality it’s not true.

In Reality we’re here to thrive!

Yes, imagine that. We are meant to live in abundance while sharing our gifts and talents with the world.

That’s our real purpose in life, and we all have something to give that no other person can give in the way that we can (so there is no competition either).

But we were conditioned as children to believe that that’s not true and that the inner voice of intuition that tells us what we really want to do with our lives should be ignored.

In Reality it’s the ego voice that is telling us all the lies and is preventing us from living our authentic life and from being our true self fully.

The ego voice also always makes you live with a sense of lack, and while it may not always be in the foreground, it’s always in the background, silently running its program in your mind and makes you feel a sense of dissatisfaction or struggle (to get “over there” where you can finally become happy and free.)

It takes us away from the present moment as it makes us feel that we’re not complete, or that we don’t have enough (whatever it may be), but it’s in the present moment that life really is.

That person who feels all those things and takes you away from the Now (where peace always is) is not you, it’s not the real you.

It’s the conditioned self, the small, limited self that has been built up from all the voices you’ve heard throughout your life from the world, telling you who you are and what life is about.

Don’t believe the limiting voices in your head!

The voices that tells you (now inside your head) whenever you want to do something that it’s not for you.

It starts to talk to you saying things like “don’t be silly”, “you’re crazy, you can’t do that” etc. (and all kinds of other versions of “who do you think you are”).

In other words; words and sentences that most of us have heard in our lives, and now that voice is in your head too, talking non-stop to you about how you can’t do things.

Most people believe that voice so they don’t do the things they want to do (which are things that Life wants to do through you, that you’re actually meant to do), so they just submissively (and unconsciously) agree with ego voice and go back to living life through their small self instead.

The ego voice always makes people feel they’re not good enough as I mentioned before (and this can go very deep, so it’s mostly unconscious), it’s what most people struggle with (both consciously and unconsciously), and it also makes people afraid of being judged or criticized.

Even the most seemingly ‘confident’ person can actually come from a place of fear, such as bullies for example. Bullies are all coming from fear, which is the ego itself.

Fear of not fitting in is another fear, fear of being ‘different’ (but that’s what‘s so beautiful about you!) and speaking up and so on.

The ego voice is constantly telling you to not take any risks (or chances) and that you should be really careful and keep within the boundaries of the known, but that voice is just the voice of a crazy society that has nothing to do with who you really are!

It’s just a programming, and you can change that, you can see through it and free yourself from it.

The ego voice does not reflect even the slightest of what you can and can’t do, should or shouldn’t do.

That’s all coming from a place of past conditioning that has lead to a sense of inferiority and insecurity, which is all about believing in the voice of the ego in your head and thinking it actually is you.

But there’s another kind of voice there too if you really listen closely.

It’s a guidance that can’t get through for as long as you listen to the other voices that are loud and seemingly more powerful.

There’s a still, small voice there too, and That voice is your real voice, the true voice that we are meant to listen to and live through.

It’s the voice that guides you to do something that would bring you joy, freedom, peace and happiness and that always wants the best for you.

We are meant to follow our highest calling, the calling of the heart, our intuition.

It would never in a million years tell you that you suck, that you can’t do something or that you’re not good enough!

The voice that tells you these things is the crazy voice!

And that’s the voice that the majority of the world lives by.

Can you imagine what would happen if we all loved ourselves in the same way that Life/Universe/Divine/God (whatever word you use) loves us/itself?

Life always wants us to expand, to go higher in life, it never wants you to shrink, make you more stressed and unhappy or feel that you can’t do something.

The voice of the ego is not your real voice, it is not you.

It’s the voice of society, and society exist on a mediocre level and the Real You is anything but mediocre!

How the world is presenting itself to you and what you have learned about how life works and what you can do, is a lie, it’s an illusion.

And society wants you to stay small, but it’s only for as long as you identify with the voices in your head that makes you feel ‘less than’ that you’re bound to live a restricted, unfulfilling life.

When you dare to tune into what your gut and intuition is telling you to do instead, and follow through on the guidance, you will break free into a whole other dimension of life that you didn’t even know existed.

So my invitation to you today is that if you in any way (any way!) feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled in your life, that you start identifying the different voices in your head that are preventing you from being who you really are and living the life you’re really meant to live.

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Or, you can always book a private session with me and I’ll help you see where the ego is preventing you from living full out.

That’s one of my specialties and I can detect it pretty much right away. 😊

When you have seen through the illusion of your own ego, you know and see everybody’s ego, and I know it both in and out and all the ways it operates in people’s minds and in the collective consciousness.

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  1. Terezie

    Beautiful, just what I have been dealing with lately. Always waiting for “when I have…when I do…when I achieve” always feeling like crap when realizing that I “do not have this….am not there…” just focusing on lack and listening to this voice in my head “if you did this…if you moved…if you find better job..partner” you would be happier…but when I tune into the heart space, there is a calm and peace and knowing that this is exactly where I am supposed to be….Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Maria!

  2. I’m so glad to hear it resonated with you Terezie, and that you found it helpful. 😊

    Yes, tuning into the heart, breathing deeply a few times and just relaxing into Being, even for a moment, takes us back to peace again, to the present moment. (You might like THIS post too).

    The ego is always looking to get away from this moment in some way or another and for people who live from this place always feel a sense of dissatisfaction or unfulfillment, even if it’s on a very subtle level.

    There’s always some kind of unease, like something is lacking or not quite ‘right’.

    When we tune into the heart however as you mentioned, that’s when alignment happens and from that space all good stuff in life unfolds, and this can be a space from which we live our lives.

    When the neediness goes away, everything comes to us. But for as long as there is neediness, there’s frustration, and that blocks the good from being able to flow to you.

    What belongs to you, what is meant for you, comes easily when you come into alignment with who you are.

    So making the Real You a priority, or wanting to know who you really are, is the most important thing because when you know who you are and are connected to That, that’s when life actually begins, that’s when you come into alignment with the universal flow of goodness and abundance.

  3. Terezie

    Maria, you are talking from my heart, such wise words that should be like mantra for everyone and if we practice this tuning to the real-self/truth every day, our lives will be so much better. I too am working in the field of spiritual coaching and as you see, still am on the journey. What you teach is what you need the most yourself-that is what I learned. So I take this also as a direction to work with my clients as this is such a global and crucial topic that everyone should start there. I am very grateful to be connected with fellow light-workers like you, I have been following you cpl years and I see such a beautiful development of your journey as well. What you write is always so aligned with what I feel or am experiencing, so it always keeps me uplifted and having sense of belonging. Thank you again!

  4. Thank you so much Terezia, for your kind words.

    Glad to have been with you for these past two years or so, and great to hear from you now for the first time.

    However, I’m not a spiritual coach and I don’t resonate with the concept of “light-worker”.

    Sorry, I’m just not “spiritual” in that sense! 😊

    I’m a transformational teacher and coach and work with people on a level of consciousness, and spirituality is just a part of the whole.

    True spirituality (to me) is really only about your connection (and relationship) to/with yourself and Life/the Universe.

    Here’s an older post that came to mind that explains what I mean by that:

  5. Terezie

    I understand and I relate to what you are talking about when “defining spirituality”. English is not my native language and for me the light-worker would be a person who helps others see their authenticity and connect to their soul and purpose:) Or simply someone, who helps others to grow:) I am sorry if I used the wrong words that you don’t feel aligned with and I did not mean to “label” you in any way:). And thank you again for mirroring the spirituality topic, nowadays there are so many trends and movements and tribes talking about spirituality but from my experience, everyone is spiritual already by the fact that we have a soul and are incarnated in physical bodies. How we consciously evolve and grow-that is a part of development. Thank you for the link to your article, it really resonates with me:)

  6. You’re so very welcome Terezie, and no worries at all re anything, I was just clarifying what I’m about.

    To me “light-worker” is a new age spirituality word/concept but if it means something else to you then that’s perfectly fine. 😊 Anyway, I’m glad to hear that what I share resonates with you so thank you for sharing that.

    My awakening has also shown me that we don’t really ‘have’ a soul, we are the soul, and the only thing standing in the way for people to discover that, or to awaken to the realization of that, is the ego.

    That’s why it’s so important to grow in self-awareness, because when you know who you are not, the Truth of who you really are can come forth, so it’s just a matter of uncovering that (seeing through the illusion).

    So it’s not about connecting with your soul as in ‘visiting’ it every now and then in for example meditation, but to actually wake up to it and live from that place.

    Life is all consciousness, and we are It. Literally all of it, not just the ‘spiritual’ part or aspect of ourselves and life. We are life itself, and life contains All.

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