Deep Self Inquiry Is Beyond Mind and Thinking

How to know it’s not the ego that is getting spiritualized? How to become more aware of self and true existence?

Here are more than 15 questions to ask yourself that can shed some light into self awareness, and it’s important that you ask with your heart and that you also listen with your heart, and not the mind.

Awareness, insights and wisdom is not on any kind of intellectual level, it’s much deeper than that.

So, ask and listen, do deep self inquiry into these questions within your self: (Take your time on each question).

  • Am I pretending that I’m not interested in certain things just because I think it’s not spiritually mature to be interested in them?
  • Am I comparing my own spiritual journey and “progress” with other peoples?
  • Do I – honestly – compete with others in some way?
  • Do I perceive some of the things I do, for example the music I listen to, or the food I eat, to not be “spiritual”?
  • Am I still going somewhere? Or moving away from somewhere/something? Am I still projecting a future thinking it will come one day if I only do this or that first?
  • Do I have expectations? (Good or bad)
  • Do I feel guilt from the shoulds I put on myself? “I should not be impatient”, “I should do something”, “I should know better” and so on, “because it’s not spiritual” or “because it’s egoic”.
  • Who am I blaming for things I consider to be wrong or bad in my own life and in the world at large?

Take your time to inquire within and know that any tension or friction you might feel is only the ego resisting to hear the Truth (and being threatened by it), it doesn’t like deep questioning and will sometimes only read through any kind of questions, but not actually investigate deeply. It likes to stay on a shallow and intellectual level of mind. It likes to learn things but never to realize.

There’s a vast difference between knowledge and wisdom – knowledge we have enough of; we have been trained all our lives to believe in certain concepts and to constantly manipulate life (or trying to!) in an attempt to change what is.

Humanity is basically trained into being disappointed at life and to always be on a path of satisfying the egoic urges.

Life is actually spontaneous, happening right now, without any future and past, and it’s in complete harmony with itself so there’s no conflict in our true nature at all.

Many years ago, maybe 8 years ago or so I had a spiritual experience where I was one with everything; I could not see where “I” started and where “the world” began, there was only one movement and I was it. I don’t remember how long this went on but it altered my whole perception of my previous concepts of Oneness.

We can know something, and we can have direct experience of something, there’s a day and night difference there and what I can say for sure is that we don’t “create” any of those realizations. We are not in control of any of it, and any kind of resistance, blaming, wishing or intending is from the egoic state of consciousness.

Who are you blaming? Just look into your beliefs and be totally honest with yourself: If you “believe in oneness” then who do you blame for what you perceive to be “wrong”? God? If so, how can that be, if you and God is One, then how does that add up with your beliefs..?

If there is only the One, then what’s the need of intention? Who is the one that intends? Does a seed have to intend to become a flower, or doesn’t it just naturally evolve in that direction?

Do you think you have to learn how to “control your thoughts”? Then look into who it is that thinks thoughts needs to be controlled? Who is the controller?

Do you avoid being yourself just to “protect others” from feeling hurt by your thoughts, opinions or being-ness? How noble of you! So you think it’s better to lie than to express the Truth of your being..?

Bottom line; in any case that there’s no deeper questioning and inquiring – that’s the ego taking ownership of any kinds of spiritual experiences, even realizations. It’s important to know that a realization doesn’t have to be permanent, it can be a sudden insight and then – if allowed – the ego comes in and thinks It knows something and pride and even boasting comes in. The ego always operates on a shallow level.

It’s the deep questions that takes us to self realization.

It’s like the more light that comes in, the more the ego disappears into the background and becomes like a shadow. Not that it is real, but it will still be there as long as there’s some kind of sense of self.

When the sense of self crumbles (not by “our” doing, but by Life waking up to itself) the real self comes to the forefront naturally and obviously. (Not by us doing something, it’s just suddenly realized).

It’s there always, but when we are identified with the person we think we are, we don’t see it.

Deep inquiry means to really ask with sincerity and to really wanting to know the Truth and nothing but.

Transformations can be gradual (over a long period of time, in many cases many years), it can be sudden, and even instant, and in many cases the processes overlap each other and happen simultaneously. (Another thing that also happens is that the concept of time changes).

And one single insight can profoundly alter everything we once thought was true, but it will not come by thinking and the mind. We cannot think our way to wisdom – it’s beyond mind.

And regardless of how profound the realization or even awakening experience was; there’s still going to be a process that follows, that you can count on. No one is ever “done”.

Question everything and do it deeply. 

It was the full moon eclipse the other day and below is a picture I took from my kitchen window.

If you look very closely (click on image to see larger) you can see Jupiter on the left side of the moon as well, it was visible that evening:-)


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