Master your mind and energy and live in alignment with the flow of Life.

The aligned life is the life you truly really want to live (and are meant to live) and there’s always the next level of achievement and fulfillment, wherever your starting point is.

You will be able to:

Take charge of and master your mind and energy to create an empowered and inspired life for yourself. 

Live from a higher vibrational frequency and overcome and get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.

Connect with your life’s purpose/live more meaningfully and discover what you are truly capable of mentally and spiritually. 

Rewire your mind and energy and get in alignment with the flow of Life to live a rich and fulfilling existence.

My super-powers are that I’m intuitive and energetically aware.

I see and feel/know things that others are not aware of so I have the ability to cut to the heart of the matter quickly. 

I’m very tuned into other people’s energy and can see your mental barriers, blockages and blind-spots and are able to quickly identify exactly what needs to shift and what’s keeping you stuck. 

One session is usually all it takes for a profound shift to occur in a person’s life.

If you’re:

  • At a crossroads in life or in a time of transition I’ll help you lay down a new direction and vision for your future.
  • Stuck (in any area of life) I’ll help you gain clarity so that you can progress and move forward.
  • Been trying to accomplish something in your life but feel that you’re still not where you want to be, I’ll help you see what needs to shift so that you can accelerate and get better results.
  • Been experiencing limited results or the same results over and over again, I’ll help you get over the slump so you can start progressing on your path. 
  • Lost your fire and zest for life and feel that something is missing then I can help you get a clear direction that gives you the joy of living back.
  • Feel off path, stagnated and out of alignment and flow, then I can help you get back into alignment with yourself and Life again. 
  • Achieved worldly and material success but still feel unfulfilled inside, then I can help you get a new sense of purpose and meaning in your life.
  • Feel like you’re suppose to be doing something else than what your currently doing in your life, I’ll help you reconnect with your truth again so that you can live the life you’re meant to live. 

Living in alignment with the flow of Life always brings well-being, inner peace, inspiration and creativity, and progress naturally always brings fulfillment.

How I work:

Transformational Coaching:

My work is not a one-size-fits-all “program” and even though I am a certified Life Coach I don’t follow any particular school or modality of coaching. 

I have developed my own way of coaching over the years that is based on intuition and meeting people where they currently are and helping them to the next level.

Every coaching session is uniquely dynamic and no two sessions are ever the same as each person is unique and have their own individual reasons for working with me. 

Getting your mind and energy aligned with the driving force behind your life enables you to have a full, rich and fulfilling experience of life.

You’ll never look at your life or reality the same way again and your life will be transformed forever. 

Energy Healing: 

I’ve worked with energy for over 15 years and know that there are no limits to what it can be used for and directed towards. 

I’m able to alter people’s energy and raise their vibration and I see over and over again how energy work can create incredible results in people’s lives that you might even want to call magical or miraculous.

It’s a process that unblocks, clears, elevates and empowers the recipient and removes anything that is not in alignment with the Truth of who they are.

Energy work realigns your mind and energy and gives you enhanced awareness, focus and mental clarity as well as emotional peace and confidence/personal power.

Clients often report back to me that they felt overtaken by a profound inner peace and a new sense of confidence and calm that they have never had or felt before. 

A distant energy healing treatment is approximately 20 minutes long (that’s all it takes) and done (offline) after we’ve ended our conversation.

Hands-on energy healing sessions are available exclusively for clients first booking a private 3-4 hour long meeting with me in person. (Please read more below). 

Energy work can be done for different things each time according to your current needs and desires.

It’s an effective method and process that can literally create miracles in your life.

There are three ways to work privately with me:

  • Transformational Coaching + Energy Healing: $300.

One single session can create life-changing results for you as you take charge of your inner world and your energy is altered and the flow is opened up.

When you get right on the inside and get aligned with the flow of Life, the outside takes care of itself and molds itself perfectly to match your inner shifts and changes.

You’ll leave the session knowing exactly what to do, feel more empowered and connected than ever, and you’ll experience breakthroughs and transformations that will impact all areas of your life.

A coaching session is 75 minutes long with a 20 min. distant energy healing treatment afterwards. 

You’ll have powerful internal mind and energy shifts that can produce immediate life-changing results in your external life as well as your whole experience and perception of reality. 

A follow-up email is included as well and so is 48 hours of post session email support if there’s anything you’d like to ask or share with me as you progress and move forward on your path.

Sessions are via Skype or ZOOM Video Conferencing.

 *My fees for single sessions will increase in the end of March, 2019.

Book transformational coaching session with Maria

  • A transformational month with me: $2000.

This is an ALL IN option that is available by application only.

In our month together you get (besides from coaching and mentoring):

  • Distant energy healing treatments after each session. 
  • Unlimited priority email access to me whenever you want to ask or share something with me.
  • Access to me via WhatsApp; You can text me or send a voice note anytime throughout our time together. 
  • Receive ongoing feedback, suggestions and encouragement from me as you move forward on your path.

We’ll be working very closely together and I’ll be there to guide and support you and help you stay aligned with the flow of Life throughout the whole month. 

Having someone that is fully on your side supporting and helping you is incredibly powerful and the fastest way to create transformations and shifts in your life.

By having me by your side you’re never left frustrated or stuck. 

I know all about the processes and phases that can be experienced in a transformational journey and with my help you’ll be able to progress faster than you ever thought was possible.

In addition you also get unlimited priority email support for an additional two weeks after our last session to further support you on your path. 

I only work closely with a few clients at any given moment so that I can give my very best to each person so please click on the button below and share a little bit about yourself.

If I feel we’re a good match we’ll then have a short chat to say hello to ensure that this is the right place for us to start working together. 

Sessions are via Skype or ZOOM Video Conferencing.

Apply for transformational mentoring with Maria

Private meeting in person: $2000/1700 Euro. 

Spend a few hours with me in person and get coaching and a transformational hands-on energy healing session (up to 90 min. long).

This option is for you if you want to reset your life, your mind, and your energy, and you want it Now.

We’ll spend 3-4 hours together and the focus is entirely on you where we’ll look at any aspects of your life that are important to you and where you’d like to go from here.

You’ll leave the session empowered with fresh insight, a renewed sense of aliveness, and above all, connected deeply with yourself and aligned with the flow of Life. 

You also have priority email access to me for two weeks after our session to further support you if there’s anything you’d like to ask or share with me. 

We meet here in Spain (Costa del Sol), but I’m also open to travel anywhere (worldwide) to meet you, and in that case the travel expenses are paid by you.

Book transformational coaching and healing with Maria

Regularly scheduled (bi-weekly or monthly) energy healing appointments in Costa del Sol, Spain, are available to aid continuous growth and progress and to experience deep relaxation that releases stress, tension, and subconscious blockages. 

Single hands-on energy healing sessions in Spain are bookable only after an initial 3-4 hour private meeting with me in person. Different fees apply. 

If you’re not in a position or not willing to invest, I ask that you respect my time and only contact me if you’re truly ready to work with me.

Please also read the Disclaimer and Refunds policy before booking. 

Absolute confidentiality guaranteed.


You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA