Transformational Coaching and Energy Healing

Move from struggle, dissatisfaction and feeling frustrated and stuck, to a new sense of aliveness, direction, inner calm and confidence.

A coaching session with me is an organic conversation that is based in authentic and spontaneous flow and with focus on your alignment, freedom and expansion.

You will walk away with newfound clarity, awareness and insight, and a new understanding of how to move forward in your life at the highest level of alignment and connectedness.

My aim is always to leave people more self-aware, awakened, empowered, FREE and aligned with themselves and Life. 

Coaching sessions are via Skype/Zoom and $130.

A session is between 60-90 minutes so that our conversation can flow in a relaxed way and come to an end naturally.

Coaching + Distant Energy Healing sessions are $300.

The session begins with us talking on Skype/Zoom and after our conversation it’s time for the energy healing session, which is done offline directly after our talk.

I work intuitively so the duration of the distant healing session varies depending on what I’m guided to do and what your issues/desires are.

Your session also includes a follow-up email where I share any intuitive messages I might have received and where you can share or ask about any experiences that you might have had in the healing session as well.

It’s good if you can take some alone time after the session so it’s best to not schedule anything demanding directly afterwards.

Transformational coaching and energy healing together is a powerful combination that can change your life forever.

Long-term coaching and mentoring possible as well. Contact me for more information.

For private meetings in Spain, please contact me for Spanish rates, services, and availability.

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Absolute confidentiality guaranteed.

Disclaimer: Energy Healing is not professional health care or a substitute for medical care, and while miracles can occur I make no guarantees about specific results or outcomes from sessions with me.

Private sessions with me are for forward-looking people who genuinely want to evolve and progress and are committed to their own happiness, understanding that personal responsibility and taking action is part of the process.

I can’t put into words how much you have helped me

I couldn’t have kept it all together had I not experienced a PROFOUND shift during and after my session with you.