Set Yourself Free From The Law of Attraction “Rules”

You don’t have to love everything and

everyone in order to “create” change!

I have believed that too in the past, but I don’t anymore. Or better explained; I didn’t exactly believe that I had to love everything, but I did believe at times, that before something could change, I had to at least appreciate it on some level. When in fact, the appreciation, or thankfulness of the particular life lesson almost always comes AFTER the situation has changed, not during it’s emotional rawness!

This kind of thought-system only keeps people stuck; because we are straining and almost struggling to be loving people, and we are not always that way.

I have had my own struggles that has actually only kept me where I am because I have had a contradictory reasoning within myself; on one hand I often resented where I live (and sometimes still do when I have my spiritual temper tantrums) while trying real hard to love (or find things to appreciate) where I am at the same time, thinking that I “have to”, otherwise I’m doomed to live where I live forever. That’s just ridiculous!

I’m not into Law of Attraction anymore after my experience of awakening (which you can read a little about on my about-page) I had earlier this year.

It’s not resonating with me anymore and I don’t believe that you have to ‘love where you are’ as I used to think anymore. I have moved about 30-35 times or so in my life and I can honestly say that I have NOT loved all the places I have lived at all, and I have been able to move anyway, so I really don’t think it matters.

We are setting up all these ‘rules’ for ourselves, instead of accepting ourselves as we are. We all have a darker self too (named the ego) and if you are not yet an enlightened being living in a everlasting bliss-state of mind, then give yourself some slack!

You don’t have to love all the time!

You are allowed to be who you are, human and all, AND experience change in your life; even miracles.

I believe that God holds my life and has a plan for me, and my rantings and vision-boards and wish-lists has no meaning as I truly believe that God has a greater plan for me.

But this AFTER I surrendered to it and basically begged him to use me as he see fit.

This does NOT mean that the Law of Attraction is not real or anything; it only means that I truly believe that we are not in as much control of our lives as we think we are, and when I realized that I felt a huge relief and inner joy.(the bubbly kind:-)

That is MY life, it doesn’t mean that I’m right and someone else is wrong.

God just doesn’t use us all in the same way, and when we let go (surrender to his plan) our old ways of believing and thinking transforms. (As Jesus teaches in A Course in Miracles for example, or the wisdom of Teresa of Avila or John of the Cross, with which I can relate)

The ‘have to love’-part is just not true in my mind – the only thing it’s good for (the thought-system of believing that) is that with those kinds of thoughts, we put ourselves in a space of accepting life as it is, in the moment, but it doesn’t change anything but our perception of life right now and helps us feel better. Love is not something we “should” do, it has to come naturally.

It’s like saying that you have to love your molester/abuser (or something else that you just can’t ‘love’) and that before you can get rid of him/her and be free-kind of thing, you have to learn to love them.

No; you don’t have to love everything and everyone, only accept what is! It is what it is, and you loving it resenting it has no meaning other than how it makes you feel in the Now-moment.

Sometimes I hear from other people (and I have been through this myself too) that they are trying real hard to love a situation or person that clearly is not good for them, and they think and believe that they are stuck because of their own dis-ability to “love”, but that is not so.

What in fact is holding them back has been the thought that;

  1. I am the changer of the situation, that I’m in control, or that I have to control myself and my feelings and thoughts at any cost before things can change, and this only creates huge inner stress.
  2. Trying to make ourselves feel anyway but how we are actually feeling; stuffing the ‘non-loving’ thoughts and feeling away as far as we can and reeeally trying hard to be ‘loving’ towards everything and everyone.

Newsflash; we are humans too; having a wide range of emotions, and all our emotions should be listened to as they are our (very valuable) guides. It’s the resistance to our true emotions that creates anxiety and even severe anger at times.

It doesn’t mean that we hate or resent that which we don’t love.

It’s really about acceptance, and having an inner knowing of being where we are by divine appointment; that God knows what he’s doing and doesn’t need to know our own little plans and wish-lists etc.

The more we can give those up actually, the better. (or surrender the struggles)

But that is not easy, as we as humans has been taught to fight our way through life.

God uses us all in different ways, and I don’t feel the need of telling God anything but showing him my willingness to be at service and do his will, not mine.

BUT..! With that said; there are still rantings and spiritual temper tantrums on my end as well. In fact I had one last night. My old thought-system made itself known again when I was having worrisome thoughts and thus put myself in a space of fear, and I had a ranting again and said some pretty nasty things lol:-)

But God knows me in my heart of hearts and knows what my rantings are about; it’s my ego fighting and resisting change, and that is all. He knows my Spirit, and now afterwards I can smile about it again:-)

What I want to say, is that it is OK to feel “bad feelings” too, we all do that sometimes, and the more we pretend the emotions (all of them) are not there, the more struggle we create in our lives in this precise moment. Yes; you can feel pissed of, and still “create” positive change in your life!

Inner peace is definitely something to desire, and I think that is what we all want more than anything else – and when we feel that way (Peaceful), we are open to the divine plan to unfold for us, but we are not the ones creating it, we are receiving it. (the plans and goals of the Soul)

We find peace in being who we are, loving sometimes, and at times not. Acceptance of who we are regardless or our ability to always love everything, THAT creates true relief and inner peace, which leads to a more loving ways of being too. All in a natural way!

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