Stop And Smell The Flowers..

It’s just as important to honor the high-energy days as it is to honor the low-energy days.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take a day off and do nothing, speak with no one and just use that day to simply be and enjoy the stillness.

For as long as I can remember I have had my “Maria-days” as I call them, and the people who know me also know that when I sometimes say that I don’t want to meet today because I feel like having my Maria-day, they don’t wonder if something is wrong with me, they know that I respect myself and that there are days when I feel like being alone and not socialize with others.


Life seem so fast-paced and stressed today for many and I think it’s important to take some time off and smell the roses, and do that fully. (Without guilt!).

I just saw a documentary the other day about teenagers today, how they spend more than 90% of their time in front of a screen, whether it’s a computer or texting each other all the time, or playing video games and watching TV.

I don’t think this development is healthy at all, I think it’s vitally important to be out in nature, and also to interact with real people and not only with people on the Internet and on the phone.

When was the last time you hugged someone, a friend, your pet, your child?

Or sat under a tree and just, well, sat there, doing absolutely nothing but enjoyed it? Seriously. When was it?

How people “relax” today is crazy; instead of taking a meditative walk in the woods they overeat, drink way too much, or watch TV for hours on end. That’s not relaxing, that’s dumbing down!

To stop being so stressed out, the best way to put your troubles in perspective is to take a step back from everything and enjoy the simplicity of life. We don’t need anything to relax, we only need to allow ourselves to relax.

To take a day off – even if it’s in the middle of the week – if you feel inclined to, and your body lets you know that a relaxed evening is called for, then do indulge in that, guilt free.


Try to enjoy the moment as it is all we have. Do something fun, enjoy yourself.  

To only do things as a means to an end is the same as being a slave.

An example;

You work at a company that doesn’t share your values so there’s an inner conflict within you, so you either work your ass off to be able to retire early (and get the hell out of there), or you go to work only to live for the weekends. 

This takes a toll on your emotional, mental and spiritual health as well as your body.

You may overwork and stress about money all the time because you want those things that you think will make you happy.

You neglect your family because you are working with the noble intent to create a better future for your family, but you loose the connection to your own children and life partner in the process.

Then one day you suddenly find out that you have cancer and that you only have a few more months left to live.. Ooops.

Yes. You forgot to actually live your life.

You never stopped and smelled the roses.

You though that you could do that when you’re retired, or later this year when you’re going away on a holiday.

We can never know!

It can happen to anyone at any time, we can’t know what tomorrow brings, or even the next moment.

It’s so important to value the present moment and show up for life – right now!

Where to begin you ask, when the fast paced life has taken over and I have lost touch with myself?

Begin with this:

Take a walk outside and if you can, leave your phone at home. (Even just once to see how it feels).

If this feels uncomfortable to not bring your phone with you, then it’s even more important to look into that because if you can’t be without your cell for a an hour or two, then there’s a clear addiction that needs to be dealt with.

Just to see it can be very enlightening and revealing to yourself.

When you’re outside, preferably in nature, take time to breath deeply. Many people breath in a very shallow way, and that in itself creates stress. Most of us are not breathing slowly or deep enough.

While you walk (in silence; no music!) really connect with the trees and flowers etc. Look at them, appreciate them, take it all in with your heart wide open. 

Ask nature to cleans you, to bring balance back to your life again.

Pray and talk with God as if you were talking with your very best friend, talk about everything, don’t hold anything back. Ask for guidance and direction.

Also contemplate on your values and if you are actually living in alignment with them.

Look at what is important to you. Is your best friend important to you, your spouse, or your daughter or son, then look at how much quality time you’re spending with them, in actuality.

Get your priorities straight.


When you come back home again; make something healthy and yummy to eat and drink lots of water.

Make your body happy!:)

If you can, plant a garden this year and start growing your own organic vegetables. 

Here’s mine:

To take time and just relax and enjoy life without stimulating the senses in artificial ways we naturally fall back in alignment with that which is real and true.

This can be implemented in our work too, and other daily ordinary tasks and activities.

When we rush through our projects and tasks only to get them done, not only will we most likely make mistakes and the quality will be poor and with no heart, but we also forget to live here and now and the things we do is always about getting something out of it instead of us being used as an instrument of God.

When we work for God, when God is our boss; then we do things because we enjoy them in the moment we do them, and thus others will benefit from them too. We do them only because they feel like the right thing to do, not to get something out of it. 

It’s when we work only to get things and money that we get lost and become slaves.


Even if we are in a job that we don’t like but that we feel we need at the moment to be able to pay rent and so on, we can use the time off of work to move in a direction of the heart and the heart will show the way for that which is in harmony with your purpose, personality and temperament.

And while doing the job you may not particularly like, be there too fully as much as you can (be present) and resist the urge to complain about it as it will only increase the stress and get you hooked in a loop of emotional turmoil and self pity.

Look at it freshly and see that this is what it is now (acceptance of the present moment), and that it’s only temporary and promise yourself that you will use your free time in constructive ways and never settle to just work for the sake of surviving and ‘making a living’.

God has a plan for you. Know this.

If your normal routine is to sit in front of the computer after work then start doing something else.

I can tell you that walking in nature is amazingly refreshing and invigorating, it slows us down and we get to look at things from a deeper, wider and larger perspective and it also keeps us grounded.

Begin with a walk, right now actually you can do that (don’t wait), and let nature guide you back to yourself. 


smell the roses


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  2. Bruna A Taylor

    Thank you for the reminder! Finding your website has been a god send as I had been giving up on God (whatever that is I don’t know) and felt sad about it as I need spirituality and inspiration in my life. A lot of your thoughts and ideas resonate with my spirit. Sending you blessings. Bruna

  3. It’s very common to “lose God” so to speak, and what it is about is really about losing our concepts and ideas of God, and actually, the one who does all this is God himself!

    How amazing is that?

    And yes, there can be grief and sadness involved in this.

    I’m not sure if this is what you meant by your comment, but I can share something from my own life that might (or might not) resonate with you and where you find yourself in relation to God at the moment.

    I remember there was sadness for me too in the past when I felt my relationship with God change and even disappear, there was deep sadness and I also recall how it was when I realized that me and God are one (we all are) and I couldn’t pray anymore because who was I talking to? I was talking with myself!

    So praying fell away and it felt a bit sad and I really missed my talks with God. (While at the same time there was huge freedom and joy too of course to realize that we are one and not only know it conceptually).

    It was something I had done for years and years; I have talked with God and prayed etc for many years on a daily basis and now I suddenly couldn’t anymore, so of course it was a time when I felt grief of the loss so to speak.

    But all this balances and evens itself out for everyone who goes through these changes (if this is something you too are going through?), and even if it’s very intense and weird even, know that what is happening is that you are being stripped from all beliefs you have about God and that which is true and real about God will remain, we can never lose that which is true, only that which is not, and that is a blessing.

    (Truth has nothing to do with beliefs, ideas or concepts; it’s beyond the mind).

    But it is a process and all I can say that it’s not forever. Just don’t resist the process, but instead go with it and things will fall into place eventually.

    Nowadays I pray again and I talk with God all the time but the relationship is totally different than before, and you will too find your own way to get back to inspiration and spirituality as you put it yourself.

    Just continue being true to yourself and honor the process and most important of all; don’t make any of it wrong.

    This is all God doing its thing and grace can be fierce sometimes – and know that you will one day be immensely grateful for even this challenging time in your life (if that is how you perceive it) that you are going through right now, I can promise you that – just stay true and honest with yourself, that’s what is asked of you.

    Here’s a couple of my older articles that came to mind just now. Maybe they resonate with you, have a look: (Also read the two links at the bottom of the article and look at the ones in “related posts” below the article, there’s an article or two there too that might interest you). (Here’s another older article that explains a bit more about what happens in the process of relingushing the old and so on. All relationships changes and that includes the one we have with God).

  4. Bruna

    Thankyou for your reply. Yes, It is beyond the mind and I think that is what I have been struggling with as I am trying to work it out with my mind which has been confusing for me. I am realizing thanks to your website that I need to use my heart and soul and just be and not analyise so much. I have always resonated with “know thyself and you will know God”. Best wishes.Bruna 🙂

  5. The mind can never figure itself out and the soul already knows – so turning directly to God is the obvious thing to do 🙂

    (Thanks also for your other comments on other posts, I have read them all).

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