The Soul is Not Evolving

The Soul is already complete, perfect and whole. There’s no evolving or development going on.

The Soul is not broken because of your past. There’s no mending necessary to make your soul whole again.

Sometimes I hear people say that they think the soul needs to evolve and that the soul is what awakens, but the soul – that already is everything – doesn’t evolve at all.

And it’s already (and have always been) wide awake!

It may appear that way to the mind (ego) but what’s really going on is that the more we as humans (on the level of body-mind consciousness) evolves, we are in fact only realizing the core of our being.

There’s a lot of realizing going on, but that which is realized is not created in any way. It already IS.

The core of our true nature is already there, it’s not something that can be developed.

Human consciousness is evolving yes, but the true self is on a completely different level of consciousness, and the shift in consciousness to Truth is inevitable when we want it more than anything else.

How could God, that is everything already, possibly “evolve” in any way?

That would be like implying that God is not whole, that there’s something missing in God that needs to be attained, achieved, or created. Not so.

The ego likes to make us believe that we are broken somehow, and often it points to a broken soul, and to mend that is an almost impossible task to the conscious mind when living from an everyday state of awareness only; the shallow level of life.

So people who live most of their lives from the ego level rarely tend to go there (to look deeply within), as they feel doomed because their “soul is broken because of this or that” (often times because something that has happened in the past).

The ego makes them feel as if the are damaged and that the task to be healed is too big.

Or because the darkness they will have to transcend weighs too heavy on their being and it doesn’t fit into their schedule.  (“I don’t have time to ‘find myself’ at the moment, I have too much work to do, or I’ll wait until the kids have moved out”).

The darkness is not the Soul. The darkness is the veil between you and who you really are, but the ego makes you think that the soul is the darkness and that it’s way to big and difficult for you to “fix”, so you don’t.

The soul is not dark in any way.

The soul is not affected by our shortcomings, problems, unworthiness issues, not even the lack of self-love can diminish the light of what and who we really are.

It may seem that way to the ego-mind when the soul is expressed through us as the Spirit, but only because it’s filtered through our mind-made opinions, thought-patterns, beliefs (all beliefs are essentially limiting, so to re-arrange them by chanting affirmations is just a mind-game: Find out who you are by being still, and your true being will reveal itself) and concepts, it is received and perceived by other egos as being somehow ‘weak’, or broken.

When a person who already know themselves as they really are looks at you, they see right through your false self, they see through the veil that the ego has put up, and the connect with the core of your being.

Nothing is broken or inadequate about who we really are.

The Source of our being (the soul) is to be realized, recognized, acknowledged, and discovered by us, and by listening within with curiosity of the light that’s ever lit within you, you will find out that you are already whole.

All this time, all we really needed to do was to relinquish and let go of all the things we thought we were, stripping away the layers of the false self to finally realize who we really are. (The realization is a shift in consciousness).

And beyond the thoughts and beliefs of who you thought you were, lies a beautiful expression of God that is the Spirit of the all encompassing Soul of Oneness.

The Truth is already whole and complete, and that is who you are.


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  1. Myriam

    I agree with you. It is a misnomer to say that our soul need to evolve. It is our ego that needs to.

  2. Hi Myriam,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I do disagree with you though; the ego does not need to be developed, it’s the main cause to suffering and struggle in the world.

    To let go of the false self we realize truth, and truth liberates, makes us free.


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