Speak it!

Your word is Truth. For you. And when you speak it, you speak your world into being.

The things we speak about is what is in our awareness and where we have our focus, that is very simple to understand. Although I am not religious, I enjoy reading the bible and other holy scripts, and I appreciate the teachings of Jesus. (LOVE A course in Miracles!)

The bible describes that in the beginning there was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. The word of God created everything, and still does. So the words we speak are very powerful, they create and we get to chose our words. Our word is Law. In the center of creation, there are our words. Everything you say after “I am ______ ” is a very powerful affirmation!

To only speak words that are positive is a practice at first, and sometimes we fail, but when we do, we just keep making the right choices more often and it will be the most natural thing.

We all sometimes slip in to old ways of verbal communication, and when I do, I can feel it very strongly and I just shut up and change the subject altogether. There is no need to analyze or explain yourself, just get quiet and change your focus back to God/Spirit. Just leave the subject altogether.

You will come to detect the negative emotions very easy as you practice this and that enables you to refocus. You will grow sensitive to your own guidance system and learn to trust it. And with this I don’t mean that we go about and pretend that everything is oh, so positive and jolly, it simply means that we will chose to be more aware in the future of how we interact with the world, and ourselves. It may seem to be negative in the eyes of the world to speak our truth because often times it’s kinda the opposite of what everybody else thinks, have you noticed that with yourself? 🙂

It doesn’t mean that we go around deliberately hurting other people with our words at all. There are many ways in which we can speak our truth without being insensitive to others.

Remember, how others react to our opinions is their choice, just as how you react to the world is yours. There are people in my life that I feel are from totally different planets than I, and I think differently from them about pretty much everything, but it would be exhausting for me to voice my opinion all the time when I am around them, it would consume my every moment and take my energy away, so I just let them think as they do, while spending more time with people who I feel are more open and curious about living life outside the box.

Whatever it is that we want and wish for ourselves, weather it is wealth, meaningfulness, joy, or love we have to think it and see it everywhere. We must speak it with our mouth and this can be a bit challenging in the beginning. So I encourage you to speak the words to others only if you feel they are going to support you.

This because when we express our grand plans and dreams to others that are not on the same energy vibration as we are they will probably ridicule you, and you don’t want that. We all know who those people are, and to some extent we all have them in our lives. Speak the words only to yourself and write them down in a journal that only you and your higher self reads.

The tiniest feeling of doubt about you opening your mouth and speak your truth to people who you feel is not going to be supportive should be enough for you to just trust, and say the words within you instead. The most important person that you need to speak your truth to is YOURSELF.


  • “I will speak the word of my soul knowing that the spoken word will bring my vision to pass. I will send out the truth with my mouth with integrity and authority. Even if the words are only spoken to myself, I will do this, because the relationship I have with my own self is the most important I can have. I chose to feel excited and expectant about my dreams and goals.”

Getting in alignment with the flow of Life takes you from struggle and dissatisfaction to a newfound sense of aliveness, purpose, personal power and confidence.

When you say Yes to yourself you say Yes to Life itself, and for that you can expect to be massively rewarded.

Transformational Coaching with Maria Erving

You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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