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— Reality is a Projection of Our Consciousness —

Life Unfolds From What We’re Aligned With in Our Mind, Consciousness, and Energetically/Vibrationally.

Shift Internally — And The Outside Changes Too.

We’re blocking ourselves from receiving what belongs to us and what is already ours by default by the beliefs we hold and by being out of alignment with who we really are and the energy of our true life’s flow. 

Alignment is the key to all manifestations in life, we are always manifesting something; some kind of life and reality, but most people do this unconsciously.

When you do it consciously, you will have a very blessed and beautiful life.

Transformational Talks and Teachings Maria Erving, Marbella, Malaga, Costa del SolTransform Your Life by the Power of Alignment!

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  • Private group coaching/teaching in Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain.
  • Customized talks and workshops for your group or organization.
  • Teaching and speaking at events, venues, in schools, etc.

Topic examples:

    • Increasing awareness, self-awareness and self-knowledge – Creating mind, consciousness, and mindset shifts
    • Self-empowerment/belief and confidence – Embracing individuality and wholeness (coming home to yourself)
    • Becoming aware of and managing energy to increase happiness and overall mental/emotional health and well-being
    • Uncovering unconscious limitations and programming – Shifting back to freedom; moving from fear/worry to ease/flow
    • Taking charge of your consciousness – Self-mastery and coming into alignment to create a more fulfilling reality and life
    • Surrendering and the process of co-creating – How to progress and create flow and forward-movement in life
    • Connecting with and working in alignment with the driving force behind your life and your higher self and intuition
    • How consciousness, thoughts, emotions, and energy impacts and creates reality – Life is an inside out process

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    About Maria Erving

    Maria Erving is a transformational teacher who guides individuals into alignment with who they really are and the flow of Life. Through her writing and coaching, Maria empowers others with practical tools and metaphysical principles to understand consciousness, manage energy, and master the mind. Her teachings delve into the energetic nature of reality, emphasizing vibrational alignment, energy management, and connecting with one’s true essence for a life of freedom and fulfillment.

    Maria has authored multiple works on spiritual and personal growth, providing a roadmap for self-realization and guidance on aligning with one’s highest destiny. Through her intuitive coaching, Maria creates a supportive space for transformation, enabling individuals to release limiting beliefs and awaken to their innate power and true self-expression. Maria’s transformative guidance has impacted countless individuals, guiding them through life-changing shifts and helping them navigate their unique life paths.

    In essence, Maria Erving’s teachings encompass expanding consciousness, utilizing the mind for change, harnessing energy and vibration, and aligning with one’s true/higher self and life flow. Her teachings offer guidance for personal growth, higher awareness, and a profound understanding of oneself and how life and reality is manifested and unfolds from within.

    Maria’s personal journey into growth and transformation began early, leading her to study diverse spiritual teachings, engage in personal growth, and explore various modalities of healing and transformation. This extensive exploration, coupled with her intuitive abilities and awareness of energy, has shaped her unique style of transformational teaching and coaching.

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