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We’re blocking ourselves by the beliefs we hold, the way we think, and by being out of alignment with who we really are and the energy of our true life’s flow. 

I’m happy to share my teachings and personal story on podcasts and other media platforms, and I’m available for speaking/teaching engagements and other talks and events, and to co-create/collaborate with others of like mind. Get in touch below and share your ideas with me!

Transformational Talks and Teachings Maria Erving, Marbella, Malaga, Costa del SolTransform Your Life by the Power of Alignment!

  • Book me at your venue or for one of your events.
  • Private group coaching/teaching in Malaga, Spain.
  • Customized talks for your group or organization.
  • Teaching and speaking at online events etc.

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    About Maria Erving

    Maria Erving is a transformational teacher whose work focuses on empowered thinking, intuitive living, and honoring individuality. Through her teachings, she shares tools and principles that help people expand their consciousness, shift their minds, and align with their true self-expression and most authentic path in life. 

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