Transformational Talks and Workshops

If you’d like to invite me to speak at your event or some other kind of venue or group setting, please get in touch below.

I’m also open to share my personal story to empower and inspire others to live a life that is aligned with the Truth of who they really are and the flow of Life.

Transformational talks and workshops for people who want to move into a perspective beyond their limited self and into a place of alignment and collaboration with the flow of Life.

Struggle and experiencing disconnectedness, disharmony and dissatisfaction comes from living out of sync with yourself and Life.

Getting back in alignment with the driving force behind your life enhances every area of your life and allows you to enjoy a beautiful and fulfilling life of freedom, ease, flow and grace. 

Topic examples:

    • Coming into alignment with the flow of Life – Syncing your life up with all of life’s goodness and blessings
    • Increasing awareness, self-awareness and self-knowledge – Creating mind, consciousness, and mindset shifts
    • Self-empowerment/belief and confidence – Embracing individuality and wholeness (embracing all aspects of yourself)
    • Becoming aware of and managing energy to increase happiness and overall mental/emotional health and well-being
    • Uncovering unconscious limitations and programming – Shifting back to freedom; moving from fear/stress to ease/flow
    • Taking charge of your consciousness – Self-mastery and using your mind and energy to create a more fulfilling reality and life
    • Surrendering and the process of co-creating – How to progress and create flow and forward-movement in life
    • Connecting with and working in alignment with the driving force behind your life and your higher self and intuition
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