Ambition Changes With Spiritual Evolution

The difference between ambition that comes from the ego versus the ambition coming from Spirit.

I have been a very ambitious person in the past, but my ambition is not as it used to be at all, and by that I mean it’s not there in the same way at all anymore, it has completely lost it’s ‘original meaning’ to me.

Today my view is different, and I would not even necessarily use the word “ambition”.

As I have shared before, when I had the shift in consciousness, all my plans and goals lost their meaning and they just fell away, completely.

It was such a liberation I didn’t even know something like that was possible.

Today I have a different view on ambition, and I prefer using words like being totally devoted, because there is no personal agenda involved. (Or “dedicated” is also a word that goes with having spiritual ambition).

When we are totally devoted to Truth, we can’t help but act – in fact, we become a true force of nature, but it has nothing to do with the old way of ‘going after our desires’; not the slightest!

Look at Gandhi for example.

I would not call him ambitious in the worldly sense, but rather very (fiercely even) driven, but not driven by a ‘self’, but by Life itself, by righteousness and compassion, Love and fairness.

Complete devotion/dedication does that, it has the effect of taking over once we give ourselves over to It.

In the process of spiritual awakening (as it seldom is a one-time big-bang-kinda thing) this change can be very uncomfortable for the egoic mind, because suddenly it has no “job’ anymore, there’s no need for it to make plans, there is no direction other than the present moment awareness, no looking out in the future to make goals about how it will be some day, not even a purpose is present anymore.

As the image of ourselves crumbles, and the ego dies so to speak, it obviously looses its purpose as well, because the realization comes that we are not that person, we are Life itself, and that Life is making itself known in a completely different way than before.

Life (God/Source etc) has now taken the steering wheel and the ego becomes like the third wheel (to us, not Spirit), as our humanness (and ego) can’t stand not knowing what’s around the corner, it can no longer think it has control, it can no longer know anything, and at those times the old ways of ambition comes in for a moment again grasping for some kind of understanding of how to move forward. (The ego is never present in the Now moment)

But Life doesn’t move that way.

The old ways become very apparent and we can clearly see that it has a negative vibe to it as it makes us suffer.

There’s craving, desiring, grasping and clinging – desperately trying to take control over the situation to ‘make things happen’.

That’s coming from the ego, while desire coming from the Spirit is not about our personal desires, it’s Life’s desires to express itself through us – it’s a loving and determined force that is fair and compassionate.

There is no way we can ignore it, not for long.

It’s the power that caters for the whole of the Universe, and as the ego gets out of the way then truly great things in life can be accomplished, both globally and in our own lives.

But not because we want them to (desire/wish/want), but because it’s the purpose of nature itself to sustain and take care of itself.

It’s the attachments to our little goals and plans that creates stuckness and ‘blockages’, but there’s no need to try to get rid of the so called blockages, just let go of the person you think you are that creates them and the “problem” is solved!

I’m not saying it’s just to let go and that’s an easy task, but it can be (we don’t know beforehand), if we are willing to investigate into who we really are with true sincerity and honesty.

The desire to get rid of desires are also a desire and all that does is that it’s creating more suffering, more clinging to trying to take control over the situation, more grasping after solutions, more craving for a way out.

Give up the desires all together and only as much as you’re capable of in this moment.

Not tomorrow or later tonight, don’t worry about that – only think of how much you can let go of in this precise moment and see if that doesn’t create a relief within you right away.

Sometimes we need to spend some time in a spiritual waiting room

We come to a point in our evolution when we simply don’t know which way to go or where to turn.That’s all a part of the process. The realization will come that the only option we have left is to surrender to the process and trust it.

Can you let go – just now? And now? .. and Now?

Life is like a river, and it flows all by itself, and it’s unstoppable in it’s ways.

You are unstoppable too when you let yourself be carried along as a part of the river which you indeed are – do your best to be light about it, as much as you can. Let go as much as you can and not more, don’t make it into yet another goal to be someone who has surrendered.

The day will come when the grasping stops and ambition changes to total devotion to serve Truth (Intuition) and when your brave enough to follow your heart all the way, unity happens (or the experience of unity, we are never apart from Life itself) and Life will express itself through and as you with a force completely different to any force you have ever felt before.

It’s the incredibly powerful force of Pure Divine Love.


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  2. Madeline

    Again lovely words of wisdom Maria, makes me want to cry with relief! Always your writings woo me with love and truth. It’s like there is no where that the mind can go with all its twists and turns, fears and delusions that love cannot cover and I find that sweet place of rest! Thank you so much Maria. “It’s life’s desires to express itself through us” Yes I’ll have that!! It was SO GOOD also to have the face to face coaching session with you today, great getting some specific questions answered and I’ll definately be putting your suggestions into practice! 🙏💓xx

  3. You’re so very welcome Madeline, thought that you might like it so I’m glad to hear it was helpful to you. It’s a very old article, from when I lived in Norway years ago.

    Thank you also for your kind words, it’s an honor to be part of your journey at this time in your life and it was a pleasure talking with you today. 😊

    Maybe I’ll see you here in Spain in the spring next year! 🌞

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