spiritual awakening guidance

Get guidance on Spiritual Awakening, ego/spirit consciousness, FLOW

Spiritual Awakening and Flow Guidance.

Join me in my monthly live video calls and get guidance on anything you’d like to talk about regarding your spiritual and personal life.

Next online meeting is on March 3rd (2018) at 6 PM CET/9 AM PST/Noon EST.

If you have questions about your spiritual/personal life journey or are in the midst of a spiritual awakening process and would like to get guidance on how to navigate through it, then join me!

The topics can be about anything that has to do with spiritual awakening, energy awareness, intuition, self-awareness, consciousness, spirituality, personal growth, ego, spirit, and the flow of life.



Transformational Coaching and Mentoring with Maria Erving

Get in alignment with the flow of Life, have a continuous stream of synchronicity and favorable ‘coincidences’ happening in your life, and learn how to use the creative power within you so that you can create and experience more magic and miracles in your life.

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