The False Is Removed In The Spiritual Awakening Process

Q:I have had many what I would call mystical experiences.

In May 2011, I experienced what I now understand to be an OOBE, since then I have had numerous fresh insights.

Most recently I experienced what I understand to be the beloved, love itself in all its power and glory.

There is so much on the internet about awakenings, and I know internally we have to trust our own intuition, and embrace whatever arises.

M: To have an experience of pure divine love is an extraordinary experience and something one never forgets.

It’s beautiful and frankly, out of this world, so I know what you mean when you say ‘love itself in all its power and glory’.

An OOBE is however not the same as a spiritual awakening experience. (Not sure if that was what you meant).

I have had numerous OOBE (out of body experiences) throughout my whole life, most of them when I was a younger, but they can’t even be compared to a spiritual awakening experience.

The same with insights. Insights can come both after and before a spiritual awakening experience, but they are not the same. They don’t have to be related to a spiritual awakening per se.

Someone can have profound insights for decades and never have a spiritual awakening experience.

Q: Through these experiences I have come to a place where I want to quit my job and sell my house.

M: It’s very common to want to make huge changes as we realize that what once resonated is no longer relevant and even true anymore. Sometimes we make those changes ourselves (we follow the calling of the heart) and sometimes Life removes those things with us kicking and screaming in resistance and emotional turmoil.

One thing is sure; what is not true and real will vanish, one way or another, so the more we surrender to the process the easier it gets.

It obviously don’t have to be a difficult thing at all, but most people struggle their way through this particular process, while others go with it more easier and with greater trust.

Q: I understand that we need to be happy and content on the inside, and in truth we all are just empty space awareness.

M: We don’t have to be anything else than what we are. (Not sure if that was what you pointed to, I’m just mentioning it because many people that are on a spiritual path think that it’s about being happy all the time and that it is something to aim for consciously).

If we feel anger or sadness, that’s fine, if we’re experiencing moments of not being happy, then that’s fine too.

99% of mainstream spirituality has to do with polishing the ego, making it better and “happier”, even more “spiritual”, but true contentment and happiness comes from allowing all kinds of feelings to come and go as they please and not be attached to them thinking we are them.

Everything happens in that empty space awareness, but as long as there’s a person (ego) then the identification to those feelings will be there and we get easily entangled in them and the thoughts that arise with them, so to do self-inquiry into these things is a great thing.

Peace and contentment is a natural expression when we don’t believe our thoughts to be true, but it’s not really a conscious choice or preference even. (It’s what naturally happen when we look deeper into who we are and who we are not). 

We can’t just merely believe that we need to be happy as you wrote – we just are, without any need. It’s a natural outcome of self-realization.

And then that peace and contentment is an underlying ‘platform’ where all the other phenomenons and feelings arise, so one can feel anger and peace at the same time for example; the peace is the basis of everything and where all things are allowed and included.

Q: My question to you is this, it seems to be the case at the moment that there are multiple personalities waking up but only a few have a dynamic one of experience that blows the mind completely, so for the rest of us is it a process of just allowing whatever arises to be without attachment or resistance, making the necessary changes as they come to us in the physical?

I just wanted to know if the process of awakening, was just an (insight-> accept learning-> integrate -> let go->) then start the whole sequence all over.

M: Before an awakening the process might look like that: we improve the person we think we and that we believe receives the insights by learning all kinds of things and we integrate the learning etc, often via all kinds of self-help and new age concepts, moving from one set of beliefs to another.

We build and empower and create the self we think we are, ‘improving’ it by all kinds of personal development/empowerment means and then letting go of them one by one as we go along until we come to that which is true in reality and has nothing to do with any beliefs-systems, philosophies or concepts at all.

Because after an awakening there’s a realization that we are not the person at all (that’s a huge discovery!) and that there is nothing to learn or improve (on the contrary, there’s a lot to un-learn), and there is nothing to integrate because that implies there’s someone that needs to integrate an insight or wisdom or whatever, but it’s not like that.

An insight is an insight right then and there but it can’t really be ‘integrated’ as it is already a full knowing that is already inherent in who you really are. 

The whole process is about letting go, letting go, letting go, but it’s not done by ‘us’, it’s Grace removing, removing, removing all the things (including all beliefs and concepts) that are not Truth, and that’s basically the whole structure of who you have always thought you were. (Only that which is true remains, which includes the insights; they don’t have to be remembered or held on to as they are part of you). 

So there are no personalities that wakes up. No individual that wakes up.

I know that the ego doesn’t like to hear that as it likes to believe It wakes up, that “I have awakened” when in reality the ‘I’ is no longer there when the spiritual awakening has been fully embodied, and in the process of embodiment (which can take many, many years) the “I” falls away more and more and with it all concepts and beliefs that it once held as being true and real.

In the process there’s a realization that the personality doesn’t really exist, the person is not real and that the whole ego (person) structure is a mirage.

Even someone that has had a full-blown one-time realization as lets say for example Eckhart Tolle, also had a period of embodiment to go through. (Referring to the years he spent on the park bench after his awakening). 

Q: I understand it isn’t as linear as this as experiences over lap. There isn’t much available about what happens after we experience such peak experiences.

I would appreciate your feedback.

M: That’s the thing; a peak experience is not the same as a spiritual awakening. It may (or may not) be a part of the awakening process but it’s not It.

Not everybody has big huge explosive experiences; the smallest insights and shifts can be life altering when it comes to perception and how we see ourselves. (It doesn’t have to be a ‘peak experience’, that has nothing to say when it comes to shifts of perception). 

Ultimately we’re all on the path to realizing our true nature (Enlightenment) but it may very well not happen in this life time for some, while some others may be ready for it.

This is nothing to be discouraged about nor hopeful about, because it is none of our doing and not for us to decide at all, so the more relaxed we are the better.

That’s the amazing thing about all this; while I believe that our dedication and desire to know Truth is helpful, a profound realization can also suddenly happen to someone that has never even thought about spirituality at all. 

In hindsight we can see how all experiences and all we have done and gone through has somehow been interrelated with each other and has all been a part of a process that has lead to this precise moment in life, so it has all served its own purpose.

Even the most deluded periods in our lives has been there for the awakening to be able to occur. (Or for the process to begin, or continue, as we see the bigger picture in hindsight).

Actually, consciousness usually creates and uses suffering so it can awaken to the Truth of Itself.

The deeper we go, the more aware we become and the more we discover and realize and the most profound realization has to do with the discovery of all that is not true. That’s how that which is True can shine forth.

Yes, all experiences and processes overlap each other, and every persons journey and process is different so it’s always easier to speak about these things in person as we that way can go much deeper into everything.

If you feel inclined to have a deeper conversation about this with me then we can have a chat on Skype. You’ll find more information about that here:

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“… Spiritual awakening has nothing in it for the person! (Ego)

It’s awakening from the person, from illusion, from the ego consciousness. It has nothing to do with goal-setting, creating a better life, taking control over thoughts, changing one belief system to a better one, or any of that control-stuff that the ego likes.

The ego loves the idea that it is in control, and what better could there possibly be than to control the spiritual awakening process and enlightenment! It’s ridiculous.

The ego is addicted to instant gratification, so to hear someone claim that they can “give you enlightenment in three easy steps” that’s just perfect for the ego, and the more charismatic and/or enigmatic the teacher is, the more attractive he/she is to the follower.

And if the teacher hints on some grand spiritual experience of “enlightenment” in meeting with them (and that it may happen really quickly) then that’s even better for the ego…” :

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