The biggest misunderstanding about spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is not “spiritual”.

It doesn’t conform to any spiritual beliefs or concepts, it’s completely 100% non-conceptual.

It’s the absence of every spiritual idea and concept, it’s actually the death of spirituality itself.

No rules or regulations to follow, no practices or routines needed where you need to strain to be or do something but avoid something else.

No “I should be doing this and avoiding that”- kind of mentality and approach to life at all.

You are free to be who you are, as you are

Awakening means you’ve come home to yourself, that consciousness shifted back to its original nature.

It’s really all there is to it, that you/consciousness returns to its true nature which is an open and spacious beingness and awareness uncontaminated by concepts and belief-systems.

But the ego is very protective of itself and thinks that the more spiritual you are the more ‘awake’ you are.

The spiritualized ego come in different shapes and forms but the similarities it has is the mimicking and copying what it thinks is “spiritual” and tries to ‘be’ that.

But to awaken is to become free from beliefs and concepts and where eventually even spirituality falls away, but people overall think that enlightenment means that you become “more spiritual”.

That is not true at all, it’s actually the opposite, that the more beliefs you have, the more deluded you are, but of course the ego doesn’t want to hear that.

The ego worships images

The image of being “spiritual” confirms the ego’s beliefs, and then they try to live up to that model by trying to ‘be’ something they’re not; like peaceful, ‘enlightened’, loving etc.

And if a spiritual teacher is not living up to the image or expectation of how they ‘should’ be, the ego goes and seeks up someone that does live up to the image of their current beliefs and ideas.

The more ‘mystic’ or charismatic a teacher is, the larger following they have because the ego likes that sort of things.

It’s the image that is appealing, the fantasy and mystique, the beliefs that draws the ego in, not the direct pointing which would put the ego itself in the spotlight and questioning.

The ego cleverly hides by projecting and by avoiding to look beyond what it merely believes.

The ego is the seeker but does not want the Truth

It’s a very funny little creature, the ego. It wants to awaken but only if it glorifies and enhances itself.

Unknowingly of course to the individual as their intentions are usually sincere and honest.

Yet still, because the ego is the self that is unaware of itself; unless you seek first who you are not, the ego will use every technique, practice and experience for its own ‘spiritual growth’.

The more ‘spiritual’ it becomes, the more into delusion it takes you.

While the more naked and stripped you allow yourself to be and the more you let go of every preconceived belief and idea you have about awakening, the more you actually progress.

Beliefs about spiritual awakening hold you back while the Truth sets you free.

And Truth can not be conceptualized or compartmentalized or even defined.

It has to be experienced directly, it has to be realized, and to come to the realization you need to question the beliefs you hold as well as the seeker that believes in them.

Then you will come to know that spiritual awakening is not really spiritual at all. 

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