Spiritual Awakening and Surrendering

How do you surrender?

If you’re in the spiritual awakening process then you know that surrender is a huge part of the process (it’s essential) but it’s also usually the last thing we come to do.

And it can take years before we get to that point, and once we’ve surrendered it’s also something we have to do over and over again until the ‘surrenderer’ is no longer there to be surrendered.

So it’s a process.

Each time you surrender you’re transformed beyond your (former) self (state of consciousness).

You literally catapult yourself into oneness when you let go and surrender.

What happens is that you come to the end of your rope and there’s nowhere you can go and nothing more you can do.

You might be frustrated, defeated, exhausted, tired of struggling and seeking, and you may be the biggest control freak there is, but at some point in your awakening process you come to the place where you have nowhere left to go.

Nowhere at all, and no matter what you do nothing works. Nothing.

Been there yet?

This is the point where we finally are willing to lay down our fears and let go of the burden of carrying our worries and the need to control our desires, wants and goals.

This is when we surrender and turn it all over to that ‘something’ (call it what you want), either out of sheer frustration, but usually because we’re literally emptied out, completely empty, hollow and worn out.

Exhausted, and so, so tired that we just can’t take it anymore.

The ego is incredibly strong and persistent, that’s why it can take years of surrendering before the final surrender happens and we are fully liberated.

It’s a process that develops trust, humbleness, patience and the understanding of what love really is, but it can take years before the humbleness becomes mature and where it has grown beyond the pretentious.

And it can also take years before trust has developed to the point where we are 100% willing to give ourselves fully to the Truth of who we are.

When we want it more than we even want our own life (we don’t want to live if we can’t live the Truth) and when we sense deep within our hearts that it’s the only thing that could ever give us fulfillment.

We know it, and yet we fear it.

Until surrender finally happens.

And surrender can happen many, many (many!) times and go in cycles, or phases, where we surrender, take back the control and struggle for a while and then again come to a place where we have nowhere to go but to simply let it all go again.

Trust grows as we see more and more how this way of living (in complete surrender) is incredibly more rewarding and fulfilling than the life that we thought we wanted for ourselves.

It’s almost not possible to talk or write about because the love is so big that one become loss for words.

All in all it comes down to one thing. 

What matters is the act of surrender

It really is that alone that ultimately liberates us.

The awakening process all boils down to this: SURRENDER.

How, you may ask?

Besides from the obvious where we come to the place in our process where we realize that we need to let go of our attachments to outcomes and results (how we think life should unfold) and were we are finally willing to surrender our desires and dreams.

That’s one part, and of course that also includes the desire or goal to awaken or become enlightened.

We come to the point where we finally accept ‘what is’ (not as in resigning to it, but we stop struggling against it) and where we reach out to that ‘something’ that is bigger than our small selves and we ask it to take over.

All those struggles and the striving, the seeking, the doing and wanting, they all obscure the Truth of who we are and limits us because the ego self is trying to desperately hold on to what it perceives reality to be and how it wants life to be.

That’s where our suffering comes from, and what relieves us from it, is surrender.

It’s the last thing we do, and that’s finally what liberates us.

In the same instant a sincere, true act of surrender occur, we are ushered into profound relief, peace, joy, and incredible love, in the very same instant!

Yet still we go back and try to do it our own way again.. but this is how trust and patience develops so there’s a purpose for the back and forth going as well.

It goes in cycles and the cycle goes on and on until we are mature enough for the final surrender.

So there’s a lot of things happening at the same time in this process.

Trust is developing, patience is developing, love is being discover and little by little trusted upon, and we begin to slowly release the grip on what we think life is and how it should be.

In the end of this process we come to the realization that the way to live a fulfilling life is by surrendering to Life itself.

We stop pushing and going against ourselves and we get into the natural flow of things, into the natural rhythm of our life.

Surrender means letting go of everything, yourself included

First it happens by frustration or because of fear that could be likened to terror (fear that comes from believing in illusion), and then as we let go, we realize that what it is that we let go into is actually peace and love.

But we also let go into the unknown, into uncertainty, and this is where the ego self does not like to be, so naturally this is also where patience and trust gets developed.

It all intertwines with each other, it’s a growth process and a death and birth process all at the same time.

True, deep surrender always brings great relief, a sense of freedom, and the experience of finally being able to breathe again.

And it brings with it peace, wonderful, beautiful peace.

From this space then a new phase begins so it’s not like we stop living and doing etc, but that’s a whole other topic for another article.

With surrender we create space as we let go of the self and in a sense we’re allowing ourselves to move into oneness, unconsciously, but you could say that that’s what happens.

When we let go, we let go into Truth, and that’s where every fulfillment can be found but that’s not the reason we do it.

We think surrendering will be awful (defeating) or that we will never ‘get what we want’ or become enlightened or whatever it is that we’re holding on to. 

In the beginning there’s huge resistance to do this but as we mature spiritually the surrendering one day becomes the way we live, like there’s no other way to live.

We come to live a life where we’re no longer trapped or bound to the ego self.

By surrendering we have transcended to a new level of consciousness and until you come to the realization that you are consciousness itself you will continue the cycle of surrender (and taking back control) over and over again.

How to surrender

There’s many ways you can do this.

You can write it all out (a type of “letting-go-letter”), you can pray, you can cry and ask for help (as I did in the woods when I surrendered and asked for help to get free from my drug addiction).

It’s the act of surrender that counts, not how you do it. 

Here’s just one example of many ways you can surrender:

Lay yourself down on the floor, lay there on your back with your arms and legs spread out and simply let go of everything.

Let go of the need to understand, the need to know how exactly to do it (how to surrender) and what to say, how to be and so on.

Just “give up” (the struggle).

Literally just lay there and say something like  “Take me, I’m yours. Do with me what you wish, I won’t resist or avoid anything anymore. I’m sincerely yours”.

Say whatever sincere and natural words that comes from your heart and that’s enough, that’s all you have to do.

The answer is very simple but not necessarily easy as fear can creep in again five minutes later so you really have to surrender wholeheartedly.

Let go. Surrender. Just let go.

You don’t have to figure anything out, you don’t have to seek anymore, you don’t have to look for any answers or solutions anymore.

Just let go. Let everything go.

Take a deep breath. Relax your body as you lay there on the floor and let everything go as you breathe out. 

I’m telling you; this is the ultimate solution and answer to all your struggles and that the awakening process leads to anyway, so you might as well save yourself years of suffering by surrendering to Truth already now.

Right now is always a good time to surrender and let Truth take over your life.

You don’t even have to know what that is or what it means.

Just do it, and freedom, liberation and peace comes instantly.

Imagine when you lay there on the floor that there’s nothing more you have to do but to just let go into the Truth of your being.

Again, you don’t even have to know what that means.

The mere act of surrender will take care of everything if you just let go into it without any resistance at all.

The peace that comes when you do is the indication that something profound just happened.

Surrender is the answer. Do it (you will eventually anyway 🙂 ).

And feel the peace coming over you ♥

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spiritual surrender
This was the view from my window early this morning. It was so nice to see and hear the rain again, it’s been a while since it rained here in Costa del Sol! 🙂

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  1. Ganesh Shevate

    Hi Maria,
    Is it the purest form of mind (thoughtless, ego less..)through which we experience the clear awareness ?

    Ultimately we experience the enlightenment through mind only?

    Please clarify..

    with best regards,

  2. If you share a personal experience that your question is based upon then it’s easier for me to be at any help to you Ganesh.

    If you don’t have one to share then the questions that you asked are questions that are excellent to use in self-inquiry.

    So for example, if you are in a “thoughtless state” then ask within if that is ‘the experience of clear awareness’ and see what comes up to your conscious awareness.

    Same with your other question; ask yourself ‘what is enlightenment and how is it experienced’ and see what comes up.

    To hear the answers from without (from other people, reading it in a book etc) won’t get you any ‘nearer’ so to speak.

    You have to discover the Truth for yourself.

    But, again, if you have any personal experiences to share with me that you would want more understanding about or clarification around then please feel very welcome to share and then I’m more able to be to any assistance to you.

  3. Ganesh Shevate

    Hi maria !
    Thanks for your reply.
    Actually in meditation or in contemplation i experienced thoughtless energetic state many times. In this state I am nothing & there is clear understanding that there is body, mind thoughts.. etc.. Also I had a choice to access any thing or remain in the detached transparent state.
    I inquired inside within that who is understanding this ?
    Then answer came that it is the purest form of mind and it always answered if there is a question !!
    This is the whole experience.
    Now please guide me.
    Thanks & Regards,


  4. vik

    Hi Maria

    1) Some of the most successful multi-millionnaires i know and aspire to be like, PROMOTE working hard & taking massive action – how are they able to attract so much money and abundance in their life – when they cant even comprehend the meaning of surrender ( this is a huge internal conflict i have within ) – i want to do everything all my spiritual teachers tell me – i love the feeling of what my spiritual teachers tell me – however – all the people that i want to BE LIKE – are some of the most successful people in business and are far away from their spiritual selves

  5. I promote taking action as well, and yes, there’s work involved in anything that you want to accomplish and sometimes it’s hard work.

    I’m a ‘doer’ myself and I love working, I love being inspired and doing and it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, I don’t mind working 12-16 hour days.

    There is an appropriate time for everything and when you’re in flow with life the different phases becomes enjoyable and there is no stress (or fear).

    Living in the flow of life does not exclude working hard, but the work you do comes from a place of love, passion, inspiration and so on, so it fuels you, it drives you and energizes you.

    It’s a wonderful way to live! 😊

    I don’t know who the people are that you’re talking about that you’re inspired by but this I can say:

    You probably don’t know their innermost thoughts and feelings or the struggles they’ve been through and maybe are going through.

    I’m pretty sure that you have no clue what keeps them up at night, what they are worried and fearful about and so on.

    Many people are great marketers and it’s very easy to portrait being one person online and then being someone different in reality.

    They might have acquired their (worldly) success through their ego, and as I mentioned to you before, it’s possible to do that as it is a choice you can make if you want to live through the ego or your soul/Spirit.

    But as I said, we don’t really know what goes on in anybody’s personal life so speculating leads nowhere.

    The most important thing I want to share with you is this:

    Don’t try to be like anybody but yourself.

    People can inspire you and mentor you and so on, but don’t aspire to “be like them” as you wrote.

    If you do you are doomed to fail, miserably. You can never become like them.

    There’s only one Vik in this whole world, and you’re only here ONCE, so be You all the way, and give Yourself to the world (for the Universe to use), and that is how you will find purpose and happiness.

    Stop focusing on other people’s lives and how they’re doing and what they are doing and what they have and so on, and instead focus on doing You.

    Stop comparing yourself with others and where they are in their lives.

    Looking at what everybody else is doing is taking away energy from what your real focus should be on, which is You.

    Focus on doing You and doing you really good.

    The journey is all about the inner work, and not about acquiring a lot of information and looking left and right to see what everybody else is doing and where they are.

    Keep your attention on You and what you have to give, because whatever it is or will be, it’s not going to be what someone else is giving or doing.

    It’s going to be what Vik is here to do and give.

    So focus on yourself only, and your inner journey.

    Then you will find happiness (and all the other good stuff that comes from living in the flow of life).

  6. vik

    1) how would someone succeed through the ego – i dont know if thats even possible because ” nothing is good enough for the ego”

    2) fear of spending – i find myself getting very scared of spending and sometimes even if the spending is healthy – like for example – i want to spend to hire a coach for my business – but its eeking me out to spend the coaching fee – do you know why this happening and how i can change this

    3) how do i find what to GIVE to the world ?

  7. That’s my whole point!

    You will never become happy by going with the ego because the ego is end-oriented and thus never happy right now.

    Happiness is always in the future for the ego.

    When you live from your soul however you are happy already now, living in the present moment and enjoying what you do, right now.

    As I wrote in the article (part 3/3), everybody has their own definition of success.

    Regarding hiring a business coach:

    if you feel drawn to do that then do it. Don’t let your ego come in the way for you to be able to progress.

    This is why intuition is so important to develop, so that you come to know the difference between when the Universe is calling you to do something, and when it’s the ego voice talking.

    Lastly, focus on the Here and Now and simply do the next obvious thing and then the next step will be shown to you.

    Sometimes the “bigger purpose” is shown after you have started to take the smaller steps that are shown to you.

    And off you go from there.

  8. vik

    and what about the fear of spending – in my personal life and professional life
    what do i do about that ?

  9. Get to know the ego (grow your self-awareness) and develop your intuition.

    That way you will become tuned into your inner knowing and by that you’ll know what to spend/invest in and when to refrain from spending money.

  10. John

    I found your post googling what I have experienced 2 weeks ago. There was definitely a moment of surrender after years of distress. Especially 2 weeks ago. Once I surrendered the hours after are as you described. It was amazing. DIfficult to describe in words.

  11. You got right back into the flow of Life, John. It’s wonderful and magical isn’t it. 😊

    And you can move in that flow always by continuously surrendering to it and by going with the momentum of the guidance you receive.

    That way you move with life instead of struggling against it.

    It’s a beautiful way to live and you can always do that, even in difficult and challenging times in life.

    I highly recommend it! 😊

    The more you do it the more you will see how powerful it is, and how powerful you become in the process of it.

    Not from an ego point of view but from a deeper part in yourself that is always at peace no matter what.

    You connect with that and the stronger the connection becomes it’s like you’ve been born anew, and in a way you have, because now you live from a different place within yourself.

    You’re aligned with the power that runs your life, which is all within your own Self.

  12. Danyelle

    I feel as though i have surrendered many times. I can not grasp current dilema involves my young child that i dont know how not to fight for. Please help.

  13. What is it that you’re struggling with/about Danyelle? If you share more details about your circumstances/situtation it’s easier for me to help you.

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