Website changes ahead

All articles on are hereby open to the public.

This means that ALL posts and articles that I’ve ever written up until October 25, 2017, are from now on FREE to be read by anyone!

After this date some of my new articles (but not all of them) will only be accessible for members of my membership site. 

Every article I have ever published and will publish up until then will continue to be open to the public and remain free even after I’ve created the new membership site.

Only the new content (when I launch my new membership site shortly) will be members protected/accessible for members only.

My best articles has up until now been for my members only, and now you can read them too!

I also have several audios as well that are now open to the public, all free for you to enjoy.

Everything on is still Copyrighted Material.

All content on this site is written and created by me and is COPYRIGHTED, meaning it cannot be copied by others or the information used without a written permission from me.

I’ve written closer to 1000 articles and most of them are very long, much longer than the average blog post or article.

The content I’ve published here for 8+ years (since 2009) is enough to fill many, many books and it took me years to produce all the material you can find here.

Unfortunately there has been incidents where it has been reported to me that some people have stolen my articles and posted them, and quotes by me, on their own websites and social media pages pretending it’s their own material.

I find this to be incredibly disrespectful.

I spend hours on each article, sometimes even a whole day on one single article.

If you want to share my articles and other work, then use the social media share buttons, that’s what they are for (and I love when you use them).

And if you want to share quotes by me then please do, just mention my name and acknowledge me as the author of them.

I’m grateful to my readers who have contacted me and let me know that my content has been stolen, so thank you for that.

To the thieves out there I want to say that I have no reservations in regards to taking legal action in order protect my work if I have to.

Hopefully I don’t have to. 

It’s really not complicated at all, it’s simply about respecting other people’s work and using common sense.

At the moment there’s 869 postings on

And now I have released them all for you to read and I’m not even going to ask you to join my mailing list!

No opt-in or anything else required; Simply read and enjoy 🙂

You might want to subscribe to new posts though and get them sent directly to your inbox when I publish a new one:


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I also invite you look through the archives (see bottom right corner) where you can find all my postings from 8 years back.

You can find articles there about the spiritual awakening process (this is how most people find my website), and also articles where I’ve shared personal challenges I’ve been through in the past as well as travel and moving experiences, and much, much more.

And not to mention all the “Ask Maria” articles I’ve written throughout the years too of course!

Speaking of that;

“Ask Maria” will continue to be free for the time being (but not later when I launch my new membership site) so feel very welcome to use it as much as you’d like. 

Why am I doing this?

What made me want to open up all my best articles to the public?

The answer is that I was guided to do it!

I genuinely care about you, about your pains and struggles, and my aim is always to give guidance and advice that can help you move to a higher place within yourself and in your life.

What I also care deeply about and love is your curiosity about life and your eagerness to live more fully, and when the guidance came to me to do this it just felt right, so that’s why I have decided to share my articles with you.

When the flow of Truth guides us it’s very obvious and straightforward so there is no long and complicated reason or explanation to any of this.

Truth simply is

So please enjoy and share 🙂

spiritual awakening articles

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