Spirituality and Integrity go hand in hand

As our spiritual development deepens and evolves not only does our intuition become stronger but it also lets us know immediately when something we do or say is out of alignment with Truth.

It simply becomes harder to delude yourself and ignore your natural inclinations, and only when following our hearts wisdom can integrity be kept intact. It’s when we go against our own inner truth that we come to suffer.

Integrity and authenticity becomes increasingly important.

And if there ever was before, the urge to impress others and the need for approval or being liked is completely gone.

To put up a show in order to boast and impress others is all about the ego – and we no longer have the need to project an image of being “someone”, whatever that may be; someone “spiritual”, someone “professional” that should behave accordingly – no, we losen up and we take things less seriously.

As we can laugh at ourselves we can also be more humorous with others, in a loving way, but it also becomes very easy to call people out on their BS (if someone is lying to us for example), not in an angry way, but in a sincere way.

We simply come out of hiding with ourselves, and everything that isn’t in alignment with Truth becomes very clear and nothing can corrupt our deepest integrity, we become fearless and we no longer accept any kind of drama.

We’re letting people be who they are but most importantly; we let ourselves be who we are, fully.

Not in an hippie aloof way “yeah, everything is fine, we are all children of the divine…woo woo” but in a way that allows a ‘no’ to be expressed without apology; “no, actually this is not fine, I don’t appreciate the way you talk to me” or whatever, is just as fine as expressing a ‘yes’ to something that feels right.

We go all out being who we are, and we don’t shun from confrontations (look at Jesus! He could speak up too).

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way”. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s not about yelling and being all hot-headed and mean, it’s about setting clear boundaries, calmly.

We deal with things directly and honestly, and there’s no bottling up inside going on.

One can be angry in constructive ways, it’s not un-spiritual to feel anger, all feelings all allowed to arise and none of them are pushed away and none of them are avoided in any way. 

Our natural way of being is to have integrity and it’s not something we develop; it’s who we are.

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