Spiritual Practices Don’t Feel Relevant Anymore (Ask Maria)

Why Does My Spiritual Practices No Longer Feel Relevant?

“After meditation in the morning, I regularly do Namaste with bowing down to the images of God and an ancient Guru.

Normally while doing it with eyes closed, I easily recalled their pictures before my eyes. This is my habit.

Recently I am not able to do it easily.

The whole act now seems to be unnecessary. Nowadays the mental images don’t feel relevant anymore to me.

Please clarify.”

My Reply:

This is part of the awakening process.

Things fall away and in the “end” you will end up with nothing to bow down to nor hold on to, which includes all beliefs, the noble and holy included (and even the things we love).

You are letting of of idols; God is falling away and so are Guru’s and others you have “followed” or looked up to/admired/etc.

Teachings, practices, interests and so on will cease and fall away as well as you move forward, it’s all part of the awakening process. 

I don’t mediate regularly anymore as I used to, it doesn’t feel like something I’m interested in doing anymore.

Even though I don’t want to say it’s ‘unnecessary’, that’s the word I have to use because that description is closest to the way I experience it.

It just don’t seem “needed” anymore, not that I ever did it because I felt it was something I ‘needed’ or that was necessary (like a “practice”).

I used to enjoy it very much but I usually didn’t have a specific reason, aim or goal with it (other than listening within), I just liked doing it and now it’s just not there anymore as it used to be.

And I don’t miss it at all, it feels more like life is a meditation in itself if that makes any sense.

Like I’m always connected and everything happens simultaneously, as one movement (no need to ‘go’ anywhere).

But at times when I ask something within though I always take a moment to close my eyes and listen, but it’s a long time ago since I actually sat down and meditated for 30-60 minutes.

With that said; this is how it is now and that can change suddenly for all I know.

Maybe I start meditating regularly again some day, I don’t know, although I doubt it, but again; who knows.

I do what I feel inclined to do in this moment and if meditation is not implied then meditation won’t happen.

All kinds of “spiritual” stuff will fall away depending on where you’re at in your process.

Your Ego Is Being Emptied Out

A specific happening that came to mind now for me personally was many years ago when I was in my healing process and always went to a yearly new age/holistic spiritual fair that were held in Oslo in Norway.

It was something I always looked very much forward to but suddenly it just lost its flair (totally) and it just felt annoying and childish to me so I stopped going.

I used to sleep with “healing rocks” (rose quartz etc) in my bed (!) and did lots of other new age things as well, talked with Angels for example and I was a Bach Flower Remedy Therapist and used the drops on myself as well as others.

Just to mention a few things of all the countless of spiritual things I used to do in the past 🙂 

But with my spiritual growth and as my awakening process unfolded all kinds of healing techniques, holistic and alternative approaches etc fell away and my main focus became Truth.

And I don’t mean awakening but Truth. Truth was what I wanted – never to “wake up”, that was never my goal or aspiration. 

Bottom line is that we do things until we don’t do them anymore, simple as that, and as long as our longing is for Truth all things that is not of Truth will undoubtedly and naturally fall away.

Some things we miss for a while after the letting go has happened and some things we just kind of notice that they are gone, some fears for example.

Suddenly you just notice that something that used to make you worried and anxious no longer makes you feel anything in particular. It just doesn’t affect you anymore.

I had a period of grief when the Angels fell away, I missed having them to speak with for a while after the experience and realization that they are just concepts and projections of aspects of ourselves and not real.

It was weird not having someone (them) to talk to anymore in the way I’ve talked with God/Angels for many years before (throughout my whole life basically).

There is a phase we go through when something as big as that falls away and as prayer fell away I had a period where there was no praying going on at all (since I knew I was talking to myself) but then later on it all transitioned into a different way to relate and communicate with Life that felt more authentic.

But it’s not prayer anymore since it implies that there is someone to pray to, instead there is an ongoing communication going on that is not dualistic in nature.

And as I mentioned earlier too, some things fall away naturally and we just notice that they’re no longer there.

Things fall away and they will continue to fall away until you stand naked and alone (which is not to be interpreted negatively, it’s a good, liberating thing).

But sometimes people hold on for the longest of time because the belief is so strong, like how this person did with the ACIM (A Course In Miracles): Read about it here.

Instead of trusting their own guidance they choose to (rigidly) believe in what a book or teaching says (or Guru!) and they just keep themselves stuck in one level of growth because they are unable to let go. 

Trust Your Path – It’s All For Truth

So just notice how you feel if you simply let go of what seems to be falling away anyway from your life.

Let what wants to fall away fall away and see how that makes you feel.

“Let the chips fall where they may”. Just open your hands and release it (put away your images and altars).

See what happens when you just drop it, even for a week. You can always go back if you still feel inclined to by then! 🙂

Sometimes, especially with religious people or people who are attached to their Guru’s, they feel guilty as if they are betraying their God/Guru.

But if you allow yourself to grow beyond them then you will see that you don’t actually need them, they’re not relevant to you anymore as you have outgrown them (or awakened from the belief in them).

Know it’s a natural thing that is happening that has to do with growth.

You are letting go of the idols and toys of the ego, that’s all (your mind gets emptied out) and it’s a very good thing.

For a time we do all kinds of “spiritual stuff” but then one day we realize that awakening or Truth is not even about spirituality.

Spiritual awakening is not even “spiritual“! 🙂

It’s a good thing that is happening with you and I hope you can feel that it is and that you’re okay with having these things changing in your life.

It (your God/Guru) might come back some day for a brief period of time (especially if you’re vulnerable and in times of crisis) only to be let go of again the deeper you go into your process of awakening.

As I said before, some things are stuck with us longer (because of ingrained beliefs) while others are let go of more easily. 

Hope this was helpful to you in some way. 

drop it
If you have outgrown something, let it go. You don’t need it anymore. See what happens when you let go and let the chips fall where they may.


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