The difference between a mature and an immature spiritual seeker

Immature versus Mature Spiritual Seekers:

An immature spiritual seeker seeks personal fulfillment in all their endeavors.

A mature seeker is the sincere seeker who wants transformation (or awakening/enlightenment) come hell or high water.

The immature seeker:

Buys into all the different programs on the spiritual marketplace that promises them some kind of fulfillment that makes the ego feel good.

The ego always select the most pleasant ones, the ones that promises them that they can get what they want.

Marketing to the spiritual ego is easy.

Just use words like “bliss, love and light”, “be happy forever”, “manifest your dream life”, “attract your soulmate”, “money and abundance meditation”, and so on.

Anything that affirms what they believe, or want to believe, works. 

These types of “3-steps programs” never challenges the ego, they only cater to it.

The spiritual marketplace is for the ego, all created to make it feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The mature (or sincere) seeker on the other hand:

Seeks out a teaching/teacher which challenges them to see beyond their ego.

They look for someone that can point out to them what you cannot see on their own.

People who are sincere in their “seeking”are willing to let a spiritual teaching challenge them.

They are teachable and have progressed to the point where they are ready to get their most cherished illusions shattered.

So they seek out someone who can help them with that.

In essence; they are willing and ready to face their darkness and get their ego slayed.

The immature seeker:

Never wants to be challenged.

They only want to hear what their ego wants to hear so they seek out messages that never challenges their most cherished beliefs.

The ego also sees to it that the programs and teachings you choose to involve yourself with makes no demands on you other than you doing things that makes you (the ego) feel good. 

What the ego likes is to be pampered, to not do any real spiritual work, and they love having spiritual experiences.

That then usually leads to the endless search for spiritual highs where the person does anything to make them happen again, which only continues to keep them stuck at a level of ego consciousness.

The mature spiritual seeker:

Wants transformation.

They genuinely want to awaken (or life transformation), and they don’t buy into the idea of awakening, or enlightenment.

For the mature seeker, second-hand knowledge is not desirable, they want the real, direct experience of their true nature, of Reality, of Life.

They don’t want to have their ego’s stroked and dulled with, they want the real thing so they are willing to confront their fears and their pain.

And despite the challenges the transformational processes brings, they are willing to go through them, come hell or high water.

They are ready for real change, or awakening, and they deliberately seek out teachers or teachings that challenge their beliefs. 

The immature seeker:

Say they want to awaken, but they really don’t.

They want the idea of enlightenment, the love and light version of it.

So they waste years and even decades on the spiritual marketplace trying one program after another, only to find that nothing is really working.

They are still unfulfilled after all those years because their ego is never getting threatened or even slightly poked.

And if they do come by a true spiritual teacher who challenges them, they shun away from them and run back to the warm and fuzzy place of mainstream spirituality.

They go back to the people-pleasing ego-friendly spiritual teachers, and back to grasping after the fulfillment they think they will find there.

The mature seeker:

Knows that when their ego is being confronted, poked, challenged, provoked, unfulfilled, or bruised etc, that that is really a good thing. 

When something hurts their ego, they know that they are on to something, so they want to investigate that and look even deeper. 

They know that the more severe the harm to the ego is, and the quicker they can see through it, the faster fundamental shifts in consciousness (and ultimately awakening) can happen.

There is no other way around it, and the sincere seeker knows this.

They know that to progress on the spiritual path, the ego has to be seen through, and that avoidance would only prevent them from moving ahead.

So they are all in.

They don’t shun away when the ego is revealed, they rejoice in it.

How to become a sincere and mature spiritual seeker:

  • Instead of avoiding challenges and hiding from your pain, meet them, heal, and move beyond them.
  • Focus on getting rid of all of your illusions and then what is left when you’re done, is the Truth.

To stop the confusion, struggle and suffering, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by feel-good material.

They can only give you temporary pain relief but they never lead to any substantial and real transformation.

The spiritual market place is brimming with teachers who basically take all your money and teach you nothing of real value.

Most of it only helps distract you from the real core issues you’re dealing with and leads to even more denial and delusion which prevents you from realizing Truth.

A true spiritual teacher:

Is not telling people what they want to hear (what their ego’s wants to hear) and they don’t refrain from challenging their beliefs.

They know that that kind of approach only limits how much the person can grow and evolve on their spiritual path.

A sincere spiritual teacher helps you see what you cannot see and what your ego does not want you to see and help you to move beyond it. 

To awaken, or to have a shift in consciousness, the ego has to fall away, sometimes one painful chunk at a time.

The ego is the false identity that prevents an individual from having a direct relationship with Life/Truth, and teachers who only makes you feel good actually prevents that from happening.

If feeling good is what you want from your spiritual path, then stay immature, but if you want to progress then there simply is no other way than to let your ego be bruised at times.

There is no progress in remaining overly sensitive and easily offended, because a true teacher’s aim is to point out where the ego is preventing you from growing.

It’s not about catering to your ego’s needs and desires.

No true teacher will ever compromise Truth in order to tell you what you want to hear, or what your ego wants to hear.

A true teacher is all in for real, genuine and fundamental spiritual transformation and growth.

How about you?

Are you sincere on your spiritual path? Are you all in?

Or do you just want to feel good? And if so, how has that been working for you so far? Be completely honest with yourself and ask yourself what needs to change.

What would you have to do differently in order to grow and have a fundamental (and real) change in your life? 

With awakening the seeking ends, while trying to fulfill the needs of the false self and its childish desires, it never ends.  

spiritual seeker
What kind of spiritual seeker are you? Are you a “finder” or an “avoider”? Your spiritual maturity depends on your answer.


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