Letting Go Of The Self Is The Last Thing That Has To Go (Spiritual Surrender and Awakening)

A day to remember for me is today: June 11th, 2012.

As I wrote in one of my posts a week ago or so:

For some reason still unbeknown to me,you (the world) will remember my name.

I’m going places, but where I don’t know.

All I know are my own experiences and the inner knowing

that I’m here for a reason larger than myself.

Our real life is outside of the box that we have created

with our thoughts, beliefs and opinions.

I let them all go in exchange for Truth”.

This has become very clear to me now (it has been a long process) and I have come to the point in my own spiritual evolution where I’m willing to loose my world and be totally open to how life wants to express itself through me.

I’m called to let go, and I’d say that I might continue playing the role as a spiritual teacher for some but I don’t define myself with any labels (“I am this, I am that”), which also means that I’m going to get a new look/design (at least a new header and pictures plus update/rewrite my “about-page” etc) on my site too in the near future as I follow my intuition on how it’s going to look.

Change is happening on many levels πŸ™‚

No plans – no expectations – and I must say I feel very euphoric (and I haven’t used that word in a while!) and curious about where Life will take me; it’s beyond bliss.

Where my realization will take me is completely out of my sphere to even begin to understand so I have let go of that too. I’m totally OK with not knowing!

I love writing and I love inspiration, so I’m continuing to do that, but I don’t know where this is going at all.

I’m going to go all the way for Freedom and Truth.

Complete surrender is the final let-go (the self has to go, the person we think we are) and is the most difficult thing to do for most people that has ever encountered the spiritual path with sincerity; it has been a very long process for me (many years) to come to this point in my life where I’m ready to go all the way.

Numerous times have I taken the control back and numerous times have I (or the ego) built itself up again.

The ego always builds up a persona and says things like “I am this, I am that”.

Not that I have been overly concerned with labels because I really never have, but there’s definitely an element of that in everyones lives, mine included.

Awareness is always the key, the constant questioning and investigating into our thoughts reveal the untruth about them. They are not true. Only intuition is true and real.

Spirit is pulling me in a direction that feels new and more true, (I can really feel the oldness of the old) and something more colorful is awakening.

I sense a new feeling of freedom – not from something – but to something.

A love for the journey that isn’t really a journey but a state of consciousness where I intend to be fully present in and explore.

I feel free. Liberated.

It’s not because of a choice or decision made by will, but by realization and surrender to the inner pull that directs me towards a different path, which I must add, might be a similar path, only different in it’s expression. (I really don’t have a clue).

The wonderful thing that I have discovered within myself is that regardless of what comes, I’m already loving it πŸ™‚

My New Journey Begins Here, Right Now.

That’s what my intuition is guiding me towards, a new self is emerging and all I know is my own experiences (which I enjoy writing about and sharing), I don’t know anything else.

No one really knows anything – which is discovered with self inquiry, and that is very freeing to realize on a deeper level.

I know what I like and enjoy and I feel very much drawn to becoming a more creatively expressed person not only through writing but new things as well; I’m open and ready to explore other vistas like never before.

I’m definitely expanding and going beyond where I have been before and it feels absolutely amazing.

My posts tell my story in a way, looking back to when I started this blog in 2009.

I will continue sharing but in what ways I have no clue yet as my interest are also expanding and opening up in exciting ways.

Although, I love writing about spirituality and consciousness and will most probably continue doing so. Life is suppose to be enjoyed and I enjoy writing a lot (in fact, I LOVE it) and maybe my posts becomes more personal from now on too, I don’t know.

You as a reader can influence and inspire the content on my website by asking me questions – I love questions!

This is a service I provide for members of mariaerving.com, which you can learn more about here:

mariaerving.com membership information.

A New Era Begins Now. πŸ˜€

I intend to go all out by letting Life live me 100%, I’m letting a total unfoldment of freedom take place!

That can only come once the little self (ego) has been let go of and surrendered to Truth.

And that’s not about “getting rid of the ego”, it’s about realizing you never were what you believed yourself to be, you can’t get rid of something that isn’t real. The ego is merely a bundle of beliefs, opinions and ideas about life and existence and has no base in Truth.

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  4. Bashorat

    Hallo Maria,
    through searching for some book i came across your blogue. I must say, Wonderful work have you done. I enjoyed reading them!! Very uplifting, as if confirmation for me. Thank you!!!
    love n peace

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