Spiritual Surrender Not The Same As Giving Up

Spiritual surrender is not about giving up or letting go of your ultimate “goal” (to fully live out your souls unique expression) or the purpose that you know Life has given you; the vision that you know Life wants to express through you, but it’s about letting go of the attachments to how it’s going to unfold and come about.

(And not to mention the ‘when’ as the ego wants things to have happened yesterday!).

When you know something about your journey, intuitively just know in which way you’re headed, then nothing in this world can stop it from coming into fruition, no matter how things might look on the outside as it sometimes may look like you’re failing or not moving forward (when your ego perceives itself as being stuck or stagnated).

Someone recently asked me if spiritual surrender and giving up is not the same thing and I said that no, it’s not the same.

You don’t give up that which you know is your calling; surrendering is not passive at all, it’s not about resignation or taking your hands off of your purpose or goal in that kind of way.

You don’t “give up” a dedication to something, but you surrender the how’s and when’s; you detach from the outcomes.

Surrender is about living your life as if your prayers has already been answered, that it’s simply a matter of time, and so when you live from this place within yourself then struggle ceases because you know that things are always unfolding in the right direction. 

You stop struggling, pushing and striving (frustrating) your way through life; you give up the negative aspect of it, the things that makes you suffer, but you still continue doing what is yours to do and you do them everyday – because those are your assignments in your calling.

And you do them relentlessly (with 100% dedication), not out of fear but out of love, and when you have done what is yours to do you then you give your goals and plans about whatever it is over to the higher knowing (the Creator), and you let It take over.

The assignments that you are guided to do are the things you need to do, and you can’t but do them because it’s the Life force itself within you that drives you forward and so surrendering to that is not passive in any kind of way.

It’s a very potent energy force and you can’t resist or refuse it (you don’t want to either) but you obey it and when you’re in the true flow of your life then what you experience is a life of inspiration.

And so it’s not about giving up anything else than your suffering in the unfolding of your purpose, and I’m not speaking about the purposes that your ego may think you have, but the purpose that your heart has called you to do, the unmistakable path that is uniquely yours.

You don’t give up that – but you surrender totally to how it will unfold and in what direction.

You give yourself wholly to it without knowing how things will unfold at all because that’s not something we can predict no matter how many plans we make of our own – the unfolding of Life happens in the realm of the Unknown. 

Some things we know, and many, if not most things, we don’t.

We don’t even know a fraction of how this is all unfolding, and so we humble ourselves to the realization of that and we let Life take the lead.

That’s true surrender.

You give yourself wholeheartedly to the process, however it may unfold while maintaining your dedication to the path that you have chosen – because in reality you know without a shadow of a doubt that It chose you.

And everyday, as you’re guided, you take action on the promptings that Life shows you no matter how they might look to your ego because this a path of Love, not fear, so you learn to not go with your surface level mind in this but with the deeper wisdom which comes through your own intuitive knowing. 

Sometimes there’s action to be taken, and sometimes not, but there is no more struggle involved, all that is gone.

So in essence, it’s the Love you surrender to – and you yield yourself to it knowing that under its guidance and direction you can’t go wrong.

You release the goal and you become detached to the outcomes while at the same time intuitively you already know the outcome in some regard as you tune into the inner knowing of your heart that tells you to continue no matter how things might appear.

So it’s a path of faith in a higher order of things trusting that things will work out in your favor because that’s how Life wants to express itself as a human being; we are all meant to live lives that are fulfilling and where we are at service to each other in some way, but how that unfolds for each of us is one of the mysteries of Life.

You didn’t ‘create’ the goal or purpose of your life yourself; you ‘downloaded’ the plan that Life had for you even before you were born and it was launched out from the core of your being, from the deepest part of your heart, the moment you said Yes to your true life.

And every experience, every setback, every challenge you encounter in life, is there to teach you something about yourself and about the path you’re on, so in the midst of them you can search for the lesson and gift that is there for you and you will find them and then you will be able to move on to the next level of your life.

So spiritual surrender and giving up are two completely different things and this path (the true life) is one of surrender and not giving up – at the same time. 

Ah, the life of paradoxes! 🙂

let life take the lead


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