Spiritual Surrender and The Spirit of God (Teleclass)

In this week’s Teleclass I will be talking about surrendering to the will of God and letting the Spirit of God help you on your path; the Spirit of God that lives inside of you.

Surrendering to the higher power within us is a huge part of our spiritual journey, and not only that, but overall; whatever problems or challenges we have faced in life, like drug addiction for example as I have, we all have come to the realization sooner or later that we can’t do it on our own, that we can’t save or help ourselves.

On our spiritual journey, or awakening process we also come to this realization, and many times we go through these processes in stages as we grow and mature spiritually.

As the ego-self, or conditioned self dies, the Christ within us comes alive (we shift into Christ consciousness), and the more we die to our old self, the more refined we become in our true self, and the more our awakening deepens, the more the old self falls away, and one day when you least expect it, something else comes alive in you that will guide you and direct your ways in a much clearer way than before, and it’s not your intuition. (It’s different from intuition.)

I’m going to talk about the spirit of God that lives in us; and he’s laying there, dormant, and when we let it take control over our life; when we come to a place in our life when we are ready to really let go and surrender completely, that’s when life begins to shift and transform in ways that we could not even had dreamed of before.  

The Teleclass this week will probably be a little bit longer than 30 minutes as it’s a subject that is close to my heart and it’s helpful for people to know about spiritual surrender and about the help that is available to us, especially if you’re on the path of spiritual awakening and feel discouraged, confused or frustrated.

The spirit of God is within you and he wants to help you to go through whatever it is that you’re going through, so I invite you to join me and learn more about it:

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