Exploring the concept of a “Spiritual Teacher”

I’ve got an email from one of my readers asking me about the concept of a spiritual teacher and I was inspired to share my thoughts on that and explore it with you.

What is a spiritual teacher anyway, what role do they play, does following a Guru “awaken a person”, and so on.

First of all; the Intelligence that runs the Universe is the same power that runs you, and It is far more intelligent that any teacher in human form, so I don’t personally hold the opinion that the role of a teacher is solely confined into fitting into a human being.

The supreme Intelligence permeates everything in life and the universe and a teacher can be anything and anyone.

For me nature is a great, great teacher, and so is stillness – I personally love meditation.

Everything in life serves as a spiritual teacher, all from childrens blunt and honest remarks that has their own way of finding the roots of our hearts Truths,

.. to the cat that swaggers its way through life with grace and obvious confidence in their own beingness, .. or the dog which happiness seems to be endless,

.. it can be the suffering from having something/one removed from our lives whether its a breakup, death in the family or loosing a job, it can be illness or some trauma, or it can be the crappy relationship that’s going nowhere; the teachers of Truth are everywhere.

Life itself is the teacher and sends to us whoever we need in every given moment, and that can be a person sometimes, and it can also be a situation of challenge. Life always present to us the perfect teacher, and it can even be an insect, or a leaf blowing in the wind!

“… When the student is ready the teacher will appear…”

And when one has learned or gained whatever wisdom there was to be found, we simply move on.

I think that if someone looks for a teacher and uses them as a crutch and become dependent on them being around, that’s when things start to slide in the wrong direction.

We all know when it becomes rigid and unbalanced.

Look at cults for example, or religious leaders that are put up on pedestals. That’s not a healthy student/teacher relationship, or guru/disciple if you will. You get the picture. (But still, that experience is a teacher/lesson too!).

Ultimately there are no wrong paths, we can’t get away from that fact. (Everything serves Truth).

Truth is not a teaching, it can’t be taught.

It’s not like an ABC kind of learning, it’s actually un-learning, the relinquishment of all that is learned.

Truth is not of the mind, it’s not a belief-system, thought-system, philosophy, or any kind of concept.

Everything that we have learned throughout our lives are suddenly seen as not real, and that which Truth does when that realization hits you is not something a human being can teach or give to another human being.

One can point, show direction and guide, absolutely, but no one owns the Truth. It’s not something one can “have” and then teach to others. It’s beyond mind.

A teacher in the traditional meaning implies that the teacher has some knowledge that the student want’s to acquire, but it’s different when it comes to a so called spiritual teacher.

They don’t posses more wisdom than you, they may only have realized it more than you, but they can still not give it to you and you can’t buy it from them. You already are that.

We already have/are everything and no one is broken. God made us perfect, and we have just forgot, that’s all.

A teacher may be a catalyst for the remembrance of that, but it’s still not the teacher that does anything.

Knowledge is of the mind, wisdom is of the heart. Simple as that.

And that’s how you find a teacher/counselor/guide as well if you are looking for someone. By the heart.

If you are looking to get guidance from someone, then don’t look at their CV/resume, look with your heart. Let go of your preconceived notions and opinions of how a spiritual teacher should look and behave. If they resonate with you on a deeper level then follow that nudge.

The ego gets easily allured into thinking that just because someone wears an orange robe and speaks softly they are more spiritual than others.

And not everybody needs a teacher or guru at all. Just because your girlfriend met this guru and was transformed in his presence doesn’t mean you will awaken too.

Actually, going to someone with that attitude is coming from the ego’s need to be fulfilled by someone outside of themselves, that they need someone to “activate” the awakening process. (And if someone claims that you need them; run the other way!)

That’s not true; you don’t need anyone or anything other than what you are drawn to personally.

All you need to concern yourself with is to follow your heart and gut feeling, knowing that everyones path is different and that there are no rules or steps to take that fits all.

If a Guru feels right for you, then that’s what’s right for you. If it doesn’t then don’t go there. Period.

Never rely on what others are telling you, never give your authority away thinking others know what you need or don’t need, because as I said before, everyone’s path is different and there really are no right or wrongs paths to go.

They all lead to the same place anyway; back to ourselves.

Every Path Is Unique

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