Sadness is Part of Spiritual Transformation

I wanted to clarify something that I wrote the other day about self-pity.

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Self-pity is not to be confused with the sadness and sometimes even deep grief that comes with spiritual transformation, and yes, short moments of self-pity too, but there’s a difference in living in self-pity and going through a spiritual transformation process and experiencing it for a moment.

The transformational processes are sometimes called spiritual madness (which can be a longer period of utter darkness), spiritual chemicalization (usually a shorter and very intense period) and ego-attacks which can be everything from a few ours to a day or two.

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Feeling a sudden wave of discouragement, doubt, fear (even panic), sadness, depression, anger or rage?

Read this:

If you feel like weeping, if you feel like the most alone person in the world, abandoned by Life itself (or whatever word you want to use), if you feel that nothing is working and you ask yourself if this is really all that life has to offer, then here’s my suggestion and advise to you:

If it’s a sudden thing that comes over you, meaning it’s not a place from which you normally live your life (if that’s the case; seek professional help), then please don’t try to fix anything, don’t look for the door in panic.

Relax, stop ‘doing’ for a while, whatever it is you’re doing, and take a notebook, pen and a bottle of water with you and go out in nature and write, talk with yourSelf (or God/the Universe, whatever resonates for you), write your thoughts and feelings down.

Be very honest. Lay it all out, vent, cry, whatever it takes, get it out.

And then burn the paper, release it and let it all go.

Or, .. (or “and”)..

Go out for a power-walk, listen to music and walk real fast; get that stuck and yucky energy off of your back.

Seriously, this is so powerful, even a twenty minute walk will do you so much good!

And while you walk you might even cry a little because you are in this vulnerable process and I must say that crying and listening to music is a good combination, it releases sadness easier than if you sit alone in self-pity on your couch at home being all mentally entangled in your misery. 

Sadness is part of the cleansing process, it’s part of the transformational process and if you let this process play itself out you will go through it much quicker, so while I suggest that you keep away from mindless surfing and watching mindless TV I do at the same time encourage you to watch a consciously chosen movie for example.

Take a step back from ‘your life’, that’s what I wanted to say, let it just happen for a while without trying to do something to change it/fix it, but also make sure you don’t avoid the process by being mindless about it.

It’s like you’re being “in it” (in the process), but you don’t indulge in it (by digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole of self-pity).

And if you waste your time on doing mindless things like being on Facebook doing nothing for hours and hours you are just reinforcing the feeling of meaninglessness in your life.

If you however decide to take a step back from all that and instead go out for a power-walk; you write, you might cry a little, weep, whatever, and then when you come back home you make something really yummy to eat (even junk food is allowed now:) and you choose to watch a really inspiring biopic for example, then that’s a more constructive way of handling these processes.

I want you to know, and maybe you already know this and simply need a reminder, but the process has an ending, it’s going to get better real soon if you just surrender to it and understand what’s going on.

Sometimes when we’re in the midst of a transformational process it’s easy to forget what’s going on because the ego is so strong and we get so easily caught up in its stories of victim-hood and unfairness. (That’s how the ego goes boohoo in its favorite ways 🙂 )

All will be well, and as always with these things, we always (always!) come out on the other side with our Light shining even brighter than before.

That’s when we can say to Life and really mean it (sometimes with tears in our eyes of gratitude); Thank You.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you.

dog sitting in the mountains

House and pet sitting update:

Next week I’m doing a few days of cat-sitting and I look forward to it so much, I love cats! 🙂

And then on the 21st I’m going to do dog-sitting for a couple of weeks or so up in the mountains.

Looking forward to that too! 🙂

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