Keys to Spiritual and Personal Transformation

There’s a few absolutely crucial points that has to be in place for any real transformation to be able to take place, and below I’ll describe eight of them, including the number one key that helps transform any challenges or desires for your life into a living reality.

This last key is the most important one and without it, there’s not going to be any transformation at all unless it comes about by pure grace

8 Keys to Transformation:

Action. Dreaming and wishing for things to change, and a brighter, more enjoyable future, cannot become a reality unless we move in the direction of our desires by actually doing something.

Every day should have at least one component of action that shows the power within that we mean business, even if that means to merely writing a list of things that needs to be done. Begin today.

Investing. Everything we do is an investment towards something.

If we are not willing to invest time, energy and money into our transformational process then we are wasting the energy on things that has less true value in life.

We have to be willing to let go of the lesser to be able to live the greater, and that requires investing in our dreams and desires.

That could mean simple things like not watching TV for a week and instead go full throttle into creating your vision and then start implementing the things on your to do list. (And move forward in the momentum of that energy flow).

Willingness to change. Thinking the world, other people or conditions and circumstances must change before we can be happy or do what we want to do is to live in delusion.

The willingness to change on the inner plane must be there, otherwise nothing much will happen at all. This means we have to stop waiting for the world to change and instead change ourselves by focusing on inner transformation first.

Cast out fears and banish them for good. Fear of making mistakes and/or stretching ourselves beyond what has been sometimes requires courage. Our true life is outside of our comfort zone, so we must be willing to push past our fears and get a little uncomfortable.

It’s just the ego that likes the familiar and that which is comfortable. It’s easy to live in the box – but we want to move out of the box and actually throw the box away altogether. Kick it to the curb!

Commitment. It takes dedication to embark on a journey of transformation.

There will be challenges along the path and we can’t allow ourselves to regress back to live from the ego consciousness that thrives on fear and worry.

Right perspective. Whining and complaining has to stop. Seeing things from the right perspective allows us to be more relaxed and confident because we know that the facts of life is not the Truth of life, so we hold on to that if/when things get unstable or confusing.

We know that turning within for guidance always leads us right back into the flow again.

Renewing of the mind. When consciousness shifts, our life experiences shifts as well.

Everything changes with that; what you see as possible for yourself (expanded awareness), your interests change and you automatically begin to change what you value and what and who you spend your time on and you become more discerning about what you allow enter into your awareness and presence.

It’s a process of refinement and restoration to Truth and only that which is true and lovely will be able to stay in your life. 

The Number One Key to Transformation:


This is an absolutely crucial component in order to move forward with any desires or wishes for transformation and change in our lives.

If we don’t have this our efforts will be weak and we will not be able to have the stamina to stand strong in our convictions of a brighter and lighter way of living our life.

We simply have to value ourselves more than anything in the world and risk being seen as “selfish” because we care about ourselves and our own well-being.

We can’t possibly give out any true love to others until we have learned to love and appreciate ourselves.

When love and appreciation for ourselves are not there then we’re out of harmony and flow with the whole universe.

But when we are in alignment with Love itself (because that’s what God is), and when we are right with ourselves (even when things are not yet ‘perfect’), then our life rights itself before us.

When we think of ourselves as absolutely worthy of the best that life has to offer, then life will undoubtedly begin to bring those expectations into manifestation.

And when we have the other 7 keys to spiritual and personal transformation in place we also have the power to transcend any challenges or difficulties into triumph and victory.

So we must genuinely engage in honoring ourselves and our values and focus on what is important to us.

This naturally also shows the world how to treat us, because when we respect ourselves we naturally exude the energy of respect all around us and people will respond to that and treat us accordingly.

That means setting healthy boundaries and to stop tolerating behaviors towards us that are disrespectful. 

All this falls into place naturally when we love and appreciate ourselves and when we claim our right to own ourselves and be our own authority in life.

Love Thyself

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