Busy Being Born (spiritually anew)

The time in between the old you, and the new you, you will have to spend some time in a space in between, and that place can be terrifying if you don’t have faith.

To embrace that space completely, and give yourself time off of everything is vital. Non interference and basically letting life have its way with you.

You will probably lose interest in ‘everyday life’, you don’t feel as sociable, and you can’t stand the old kinds of conversations. Let yourself be that way. You will definitely leave something behind, and the faster you can accept that, the more peaceful the journey can be experienced. Aspects of yourself, deeply held beliefs, will all be confronted. For sure.

You will question everything, and that is a good thing. You will question your hard core beliefs that may even hold up your entire existence – seen from a lower perspective – allow yourself to let those go.

I think too many people hold on to rigid beliefs that only keeps them stuck. Whatever we believe, if we don’t keep our minds open to the possibility of things being the total opposite, in my mind that is rigid and just plain foolish.

Personally, I’m always shifting and moving in consciousness, and I was even all about the law of attraction at one point in my life (before the hype of The Secret movie came), wrote a couple of books about it even, but I outgrew it – because I allowed myself to move beyond it when existence itself hit me and demanded that I pay attention to my feelings of something being off later on when I reached higher levels of consciousness.

I could have chosen to hold on tight to my beliefs and continue moving in that direction, but I would have suffered, because it wouldn’t have been sincere.

When we grow, our current belief systems will be replaced with new “truths”, and as long as we understand that there is no “ultimate Truth” (like “this is It”-mentality) the journey gets much more interesting:-) What is “true” to me now, won’t be next year because I will have evolved even more by then, and my path is not the same as yours.

There are some of the so called spiritual teachers that prey the masses, and uses these kinds of beliefs to their uttermost possibilities because they appeal to our ego who thinks it is in control.

You will have to take a step into the unknown, and without faith, you will suffer.

Even with faith you will suffer at times, because you will most definitely question even your deepest faith!

It’s only a phase, allow yourself to move through it, out to the other side. Something new awaits there.

Let yourself go with the energy of change and shifts of your mind, get busy doing nothing else but allowing this to happen.

Let yourself be born anew.

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  1. E. M. Charlemagne

    I couldn’t agree more with what you have written. I have found that in my journey so far that whatever truths that I think was ultimate and could cover everything would tend to become somewhat of a burden when my new experiences did not follow or align with it. Like that my mind has started to open itself and reveal is inherent nature, a somewhat fickle and impatient personality indeed. Nothing could be better. Peace and love on your journey as well 🙂

  2. Hi Esther,

    Many thanks for your comment and for sharing your own perspective/experience.

    My experience is from a different place than yours though; my own transformation did not come by me thinking that the old concepts so to speak “didn’t work”, or align with me anymore.

    It was nothing of that sort at all.

    I was actually on my way to Malaysia to be a key-speaker about the power of the mind and the law of attraction when my spiritual awakening happened.

    It was not caused by me, nor my thinking process. It had nothing to do with my own will.

    It was Life/God/Source who did it to me. And it totally surprised me, totally.
    (And obviously with that change of consciousness I couldn’t teach those things anymore as I realized that there is absolutely nothing to tell God whatsoever, and keeping my integrity intact is vital to me).

    It had nothing to do with the mind.

    Our true nature is beyond mind, and the more we can just let mind go, we naturally fall in a space of our True Self. (Meditation for example helps us do that)

    The impatience you mention is nothing but ego.

    Only the ego wants to get away from this precise moment; and always thinks of a better future instead of embracing the Now.

    Or it dwells in some kind of memory of the past, either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but it’s always better than the present moment to the ego, hence the impatience.

    And it’s all happening in the mind! That’s where the ego lives:-)

    I have come to realize that there’s no truth to be found in mind, so I’m no longer taking it that seriously all the time.

    God showed that to me, it wasn’t something I thought my way to.
    I don’t believe we can think our way to awakening at all, we can’t decide when to wake up because it’s not caused by us.

    It’s beyond mind.

    All the best to you! 🙂


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