What To Do In The Quiet Phases (Ask Maria)

“Could you write something about the quiet phases, what they are good for and how to make the most of them?”

It’s Important To Honor Both The Low and High Energy Days..

Both are equally important:

The periods of activity and also the quiet periods of rest and integration where no inspiration is to be found:


So what are they good for you ask?

They are natural, we are suppose to take it easy sometimes. 

But most of us have been conditioned to think that it’s wrong to not do anything, that it’s unproductive and lazy, ..

Life goes in ebb and flow, and sometimes there are days where we are called to just be and integrate insights and revelations and to let go of whatever we have done recently in terms of the actions we have taken.

It’s important to honor those days just as we honor the days when we have a lot of activity and when we’re doing a lot of both inner and outer work.

Some people push their way through these quieter periods that are suppose to be more about relaxing, forcing themselves (push, push, push! is their slogan) through life at all times and if this is a continuous thing they do they will soon burn out because their actions come mostly from a place of ego.

We also need rest, we simply need to just be, to take a breather if you will, and especially when Life itself calls us to do that.

Then it’s not ”lazy”, but simply a call from Life to relax and let go.

So we do that..

We Give Ourselves Over To Where Truth Meets Itself In Silence:





And in this stillness we listen, really listen;


But sometimes Life also calls us to just relax and indulge in laziness where we do absolutely nothing ”spiritual”:




.. Because it is important to remember that this moment, right now, is all we really have, so take a moment to stop and smell the roses.

It’s not all about seriousness! Life likes to have fun too.. 🙂 

It likes to relax and have good old fun too at times, so maybe you feel like going to a movie or something; watch a comedy and laugh your ass off, or maybe you’d like to have a beer or a glass of wine (or tea if you prefer that) when watching a sunset and talking with a good friend about ‘nothing special’, ..

.. just laughing and enjoying the moment together, or whatever it is that the human part of you like doing now and then; watch a football game of whatever, you know;

Just relax a little bit,.. 

Shake Off The Seriousness..
The Ego takes itself to be so important!

Most importantly; .. allow yourself to just ‘be’;

No need to ‘do’ anything, not even to be thinking about how to make the most of these more quiet times.  

Rest, and do reflect if you feel like doing that; most importantly follow your own flow and just relax and let realizations and insights marinate and integrate as they will naturally when you remain quiet and restful.

Just ‘be’.

Rest and simply be.

So simple.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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