Being Transparent is Freeing

To me it’s freeing to be transparent. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things I keep to myself, of course there are, I have clear boundaries and I only share if it feels appropriate.

But to be transparent is to be transparent before God, that’s what it means. Not for others, but for the Truth in our hearts.

This can be very disturbing to the ego, while the true self is rejoicing in what’s happening.

The more our interest in Truth grows the more the ego will fight it, and it will at times feel like watching the remnants of life (the ‘known’) burn in the fire of Grace.

In the unknown, that’s where Life really is, and this becomes very clear, and to ‘get there’ we need to become empty (of the known) and transparent to the Truth within. (It’s not something to “get”; it’s a gift). 

What I have learned through the years is that after a spiritual experience, darkness usually temporarily shows it’s ugly face again, and with experience I also know that the way to handle the challenging times is to not get involved in the hooks that the mind lays out.

It’s very important to be with these times fully and not avoid them, and not to distract yourself. The mind will do what it can to get you out of this moment, and your ‘job’ is to look deeper into it so you can see for yourself that those attempts are fruitless. You will become firmly established in God. 

I know that when the Light becomes more clear that’s also when the ego resists even more, and awareness about that is what help us keep attention firmly on God.

I know with absolute certainty that it is possible to feel complete inner peace and not be the slightest disturbed of what’s going on on the surface of life where the ego lives.

We are always at choice whether to follow the thoughts and make them more important than stillness and peace. (By looking into them and by seeing them for what they are, they loose their power; awareness is the key).

I have grown to become absolutely comfortable in not knowing what’s around the corner and it has allowed me to feel more engaged in the present moment than ever before, it’s very freeing.

To dive off the cliff and trust the inner voice that says “I have to follow this intuitive knowing or inspired idea, there is no other option” because it feels like the only right thing to do, even if it doesn’t show you the next step after the moment of decision to go with it.

Being transparent it freeing, and I believe that the authenticity that it brings is what opens up the path more clearly.

When we are honoring the truth within ourselves there’s an immediate recognition of the Truth saying “yes, this is it”, because it feels right.

While at the same time when there’s an apparent choice to be made, there’s also no way one can expect anything else but the unexpected, it’s about completely give yourself to not knowing and feel the safety in that, and it’s freeing, liberating.

I don’t know” – all you do know is to be faithful to your heart, and that is enough.

Moment to moment. Not to get somewhere, but to be here, fully present and engaged in This Moment.

And then from that place a new direction will arise.

Stillness, attentive listening and being aware of the synchronicities that pop up, the so called coincidences is what reveals the next step on this beautiful journey called Life.

We can let ourselves go fully into the unknown, or we can remain enslaved by the distorted, conceptual mind that thinks and believes that it knows; that’s where our apparent choice lies.

We can pretend and imagine we know what life is, or we can surrender to the fact that we don’t have a clue. That’s where our liberation is. It’s in the willingness to be still and listen within, to ‘become like little children’.

Being totally transparent before God – what a joy! 


Contemplations by the lake:)

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