A timeline overview of my journey and website content between 2009-2021

My website is over a decade old and since my articles don’t have any dates on them and because I have changed/evolved a lot over the years, this Start Here page will be helpful to any new readers so that they can get an idea of what they can find here.

It all started in 2009..

Actually it started way before that, but that was the year I converted my free blog to a real website.

My journey though, to become who I am today, really started when I was in my late twenties and went to rehab:

My Drug Addiction Recovery and Healing Journey

In 2022 that’ll be two decades ago, and that was the time in my life when I became a Life Coach and Reiki Healing Master, among other things.

But I won’t go into that period here (the decade that followed after I left rehab), I’ll only focus on my website timeline on this page so that you can get an overview of it.

With this page I invite you to come with me on this journey down memory lane..

Starting with the year 2009-2010.

It was then that I moved all my articles from my free blog to a real website, and my focus at that time was very much about the Law of Attraction, but also other spiritual and personal growth topics.

In 2009 I published my book “Energy Awareness” and I remember I was so excited about that.

Many things had happened in my life during the first decade after I left rehab, and in 2008 I think it was, Life put me to live in the middle of nowhere in Norway (that’s a whole other story in itself!).

Things were not good for me financially so I had to apply for welfare, and in the beginning I resented living there, I actually hated it and felt that I was being punished by God and that I was being held there ‘against my will’.

Whatever I did to try to claw myself out of the situation, such as applying for jobs all over the world, I was not able to move or get away from there until the day came years later when Life decided that it was time for me to move. (More about that later.)

When I realized that I was in an awakening process though, I was able to surrender to the process and put my focus on using my time well there.

I write a little bit about that here in this article and in the comments below the post:

Why aloneness on the spiritual path is a blessing

The awakening process was brutal.

At times it was pure hell, but it was also full of beauty, deep connection, and bliss too.

In 2010 I also published a PDF booklet called “The Power of Aligned Thought – How the mind works and how to use it”.

Then in May 2011 I was interviewed for the first time and that was an exciting time for me and I felt that things were moving in the right direction for me.

I was also co-authoring and featured in different books by other authors as well at that time, and I was getting interviewed and participated in Personal Growth Summits etc, so it was exciting for me.

I was still living in Norway and on welfare, but finally I started experiencing some forward movement.

But, I was also in the midst of an awakening process, and it unfolded parallelly with my personal growth and evolution..

Here’s an article from that time (2011) that describes a little bit about what I was going through:

Letting Go Of The Old “Me”: Spiritual Awakening Process

So while all the personal growth stuff was expanding and I was having breakthroughs in that area, I was also simultaneously having a lot of spiritual openings and experiences of awakening and they (the two different paths) eventually came to a clash.

Here’s an article from 2013 where I explain some of what happened:

I did not choose this – It chose me (Spiritual Awakening Process)

OK, so I’m jumping back and forth a little bit here, so let’s get back to the timeline!

Year 2011

In mid-2011 sometime I think it was, I was invited to be a key speaker at two big seminars in Malaysia and I was so excited, everything was paid for and arranged for me and I thought it was going to be my big breakthrough.

The topics I was going to speak about had to do with the Law of Attraction and creating your own reality.

Then, in the midst of all that – BOOM! I had a huge awakening experience that changed EVERYTHING.

From that moment on, my life shifted completely and took a whole different direction, so I had no choice but to turn the whole speaking gig down as I had awakened to something that was the total opposite of what I was asked to speak about.

So from around then on and in 2012 or so my writing changed to be more about spirituality and the awakening process (enlightenment/non-duality).

Year 2012

In 2012 I went through my first process of awakening from the concept of God.. Which again changed everything for me.

I ‘broke up’ with God and became an atheist for a while, which I also shared about here on my website.

I went through the awakening process in regards to releasing false beliefs about (the concept of) God once more in 2015 when I lost everything and became homeless. (More about that later too.)

And just a side-note:

I have not edited any of the articles I wrote back then, so they are as real, raw and authentic as they can be.

That was where I was at that time in my life, so I decided a long time ago to just leave them as they are.

I went through a lot of internal changes at that time in my life as you can see when you read the old articles from back then.

I don’t remember how long the atheist period lasted, but I remember that I used the word more like a statement for myself as it allowed me to break free from the person I used to be to other people.

What I mean by that is that I “had to” become an atheist for a while to make it clear to my ‘audience’ about who I was (or had become) and where I was at in my consciousness.

In March 2012 I wrote this article, and I know many people are experiencing these kinds of things nowadays (more now than what they did back then) so it’s very relevant to many people:

Our Relationship with God Changes with Awakening

My mind started to really get emptied out around mid-2012.

I remember I was completely closed off from the outer world (except for when I had to deal with the government/social security people) and I spent every waking hour doing inner work, walking in the woods, ranting, feeling blissful, going through hell, as well as feeling a deep connection with God.

– That was one of the most intense times in my life. (Much of what I know many people are going through today.)

Here’s an audio from that time, it’s from 2010-2012 sometime, where I talk a little bit about what was going on with me:

Surrender To Life (+ mp3 with me)

(I haven’t listened to it since then so I have no idea exactly what it is about or what I’m sharing in it.)

Most of the articles I wrote in 2012 and 2013 had to do with spiritual awakening and all the different processes you go through, both the hellish stuff, but also the blissful stuff.

Awakening is a death and rebirth process, so yes, lots of pain involved as you can imagine, but also periods of pure bliss.

Ok, let’s move on to more fun stuff, shall we!

In April 2013 I gave myself a birthday gift and went to a recording studio to record a song, which was a dream come true for me:

My first studio recording! (A gift to myself as I’m turning 40 next week)

I feel so much love for the me that I used to be back then! Aww, so much fondness in my heart for her.

Moving forwards to 2013-2014.

2014 was the year when I moved to Spain – and MY GOD, was I excited about that!

In the fall/winter of 2013 I had received a vision in one of my meditations about moving to Nerja, a city in Costa del Sol in Spain that I had never previously heard of.

(I had lived in Spain some years ago before that, but in Costa Blanca, which is a different part of the country.)

The moment the name came to me in my meditation, I ran to the computer and Googled it, and lo and behold, there was indeed a place called “Nerja”, and in that moment I knew that I was going to move there.

I felt guided to it, as if Life/the Universe was saying that the time had come for me to move now.

I had no clue how to make it happen though because I was still living on welfare at that time and didn’t have much money at all (and I knew no one in Spain) so I took a huge leap of faith, trusting that things would work out for me.

It was time for me to leave, I knew it, and the moment I decided – when I said Yes to it – things started to unfold very quickly for me and doors were opening and the path was made clear.

In February 2014 I landed in Malaga and my new life chapter could begin.

Life was pretty awesome and surreal and I was ecstatic; suddenly I was living in the freakin’ postcard and the pictures I’ve only seen on the Internet, – I was literally in paradise, that’s how it felt, and I loved it!

In 2013 and 2014 I continued to write a lot and in the winter of 2014 I also started doing Teleclasses and continued doing that throughout the most part of 2015.

In my personal life though, I was about to go through one of the biggest crisises I’ve ever experienced in my life.

In the spring of 2015 I lost EVERYTHING.

I lost my beloved cat (he became sick suddenly and I had to put him down), I broke up with the few friends I had (they were becoming too draining to be around), and I had no money left to live on, so eventually the day came when I had to move out from my apartment.

All that I had left in my name that day was 9 Euros, that was all I had.

Here’s an article where I share a little bit about what happened:

Remembering Last Christmas (Personal)

I became homeless and would be without my own home for the next two and a half years.

During this time I continued to write and share about the spiritual awakening process.

I remember I asked God to open the door for me that would allow me to stay in Spain, because I was NOT going to go back to Scandinavia and live on welfare – ever again!

I said to God that I would rather live on the streets than doing that, and so a door opened for me and I was able to move in with a couple of people who took me in for maybe 2-3 months or so.

And from then on more magic just followed; – I was even given free apartments to stay in, and all sorts of miraculous things started to happen.

Of course I had my share of challenging growth experiences as well (which I also shared on my blog), but just like with me losing my home, these things too had to happen exactly the way they did.

But most of this period was awesome, although of course I also yearned to have a place of my own that I could call “my home”.

That was my dream and something I wanted more than anything else because it was exhausting too, to be living in a suitcase the way I did.

Sometimes I was able to get a longer stay somewhere but mostly it was one week here and three weeks there, never knowing where I would go next.

But by then I had already done a massive amount of inner work on releasing fear, so whatever was left of any worries, they completely vanished when I saw how the Universe provided for me, time after time, and in the most amazing ways.

I lived for free in a beautiful hotel for example for longer periods of time, and in many beautiful villas and houses along the Costa del Sol as I was doing house and pet sitting as a way of having a roof over my head.

In August 2015 I decided that I would go to India for six months.

(Or I felt the calling to go there.)

Again I was taking a huge leap of faith and then more miracles and magic unfolded for me.

I’m telling you; if you get a nudge to do something or go somewhere; Do It! Trust your intuition.

You will be astounded of how Life takes care of you and provides for your every need!

Things just unfolded perfectly and the money and resources that I needed always showed up when I needed it.

I was traveling in India for 5 months, and my journey there began in January 2016, which I also shared about here on my website.

In the summer and fall of 2016 my writing changed a little bit again.

I started to share about transformation and more personal growth related topics that I was more passionate about.

Empowerment, and topics like alignment, synchronicity, flow and so on, but also mixed in with spiritual awakening as I was not entirely finished with that part of my life just yet.

When I came back to Spain from India I continued with the house and pet sitting for a while, but it was different this time, better, you could say.

I lived and stayed in amazing places and for longer periods of time instead of jumping from one place to another and being one week here and two there.

Now I stayed in beautiful homes sometimes months at a time, which I LOVED.

At the end of that period it didn’t even feel like I was doing house and pet sitting anymore, it was just friends helping friends and it worked out perfectly for everyone;

They got to go on extended travels, and I got to enjoy living in their beautiful homes and enjoying the company of their pets.

In January 2016 I wrote this article:

How do you survive on the spiritual path if you don’t have a job?

In 2017 I wrote this, starting to come to the end of my spiritual awakening sharing:

Enlightenment is not a state

And in the fall of 2017 I finally got my own place!

(There’s a whole synchronistic and miraculous story to that too.)

So I was without my own home for 2.5 years or so, between the spring of 2015, and the fall of 2017.

In the fall of 2017 and in 2018 my writing had shifted more into the things that I’m passionate about today, and I also slowly transitioned away from giving spiritual awakening guidance as it no longer resonated with me.

All my spiritual awakening articles are still available through my membership site though, which you can find more information about HERE.

What my path has taught me is a lot, but the main thing that I’ve learned, from my own direct experiences and challenges, is that there was never a reason to fear. Never.

And I mean this for everyone. It’s the Truth.

There is a power at work in your life, and you may not believe it right now, but it actually wants you to be happy, to find fulfillment, to thrive, and to have and enjoy everything you could ever dream of.

It wants you to feel loved, connected and safe, – And the thing is, that only when you come into alignment with this Truth can you really enjoy life and feel supported in everything you do – without ever having to worry about anything ever again.

Fear is what blocks the flow to all of life’s goodness, and all the other false and limiting beliefs that constructs our reality and which makes our experience of life small and restricted.

Circling back to the Law of Attraction and creating our reality:

Life is all consciousness and energy and when you have come into alignment with Truth (unconditioned consciousness), then the whole LOA thing makes much more sense too.

Life unfolds from within, and when you’ve removed that which stands in the way for your alignment, then the struggle ends and life starts to flow.

I had to go through all the things I went through and do all the inner work that I did in order to break free from what was limiting me so that I could become the me that I am today.

Abundance, security, and everything else in life comes from within, it flows from your own consciousness, and that was the greatest gift that I learned from losing everything. It was all part of the Divine plan for my life and work.

There you have it, a small timeline overview of my journey and the content that I’ve shared here over the past ten+ years! 😊

When I finally realized that alignment is the key to all manifestations in life, that’s when everything turned around for me and I started to attract the reality and life that I had wanted to manifest for years.

If you’re struggling and are unfulfilled and not happy with the way things are in your life right now, then all that can start to change when you release the blockages that are in the way for the manifestations that you actually want to have realized.

Alignment is the key to literally all manifestations in life; the reality you are experiencing right now is one of them, and a shift in consciousness and energy vibration is what will take you to the reality and life that you actually want and prefer.

We have connected for a reason!

Let your intuition guide you and it will tell you what the next step on your path is.

All the best, always,

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