My website is over a decade old and I’ve published nearly a thousand posts here over the years.

And naturally, as I have grown and evolved, so has the content on my site too.

Many people find me because they’re searching for information about spiritual awakening/enlightenment, and many also contact me for that reason; they want guidance and support on their path.

However, I no longer help people who are in the spiritual awakening process (so please don’t contact me about it), other than that I respond to any comments I receive on the older articles that I wrote in the past.

I also don’t do any energy healing work anymore, so please don’t contact me about that either.

Spiritual awakening process guidance and energy healing work is just not in alignment with who I am anymore so if that’s what you’re looking for then I’m not the right person for you to connect with at this time in your life.

Since the content on my website is from different times in my life and I don’t have dates on them, the easiest way to find out if we vibe is to simply check out my most recent posts and articles.

You’ll find them below on the left side at the bottom of this page (or on my blog) so I invite you to go and have a look.

By reading some of the articles (or just the titles and snippets of them) you will quickly get a feel of what it is that I do and what my work is about.

Alignment | Evolving | Expanding | Truth | Self Empowerment | Soul Fulfillment

When you get into alignment with the flow of Life, you will have every area of your life completely change and transform for the better.

Your relationships, your finances, your sense of aliveness, well-being, freedom and inner peace, everything will shift for the better and abundance and love will show up for you as you open to a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

To empower and guide people into this higher level of living and consciousness is what my work is all about and focused on.

If you like what I share and would like to know more, then I invite you to read my About page, and if you go to my Home page you’ll find further information about my work, the membership site, and how we can connect and work together.

It’s all there. 😊

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy the read, and maybe we’ll speak soon! 😊

All the best, always,