Start moving in the right direction

We are not meant to stay in the contrast.

We have been given it so that we can chose from the vast ocean of variety that life has to offer. My desire might be completely undesirable for you and vice versa. So instead of complaining and moaning about the contrast we experience and what other people do that we are not agreeing with, we need to start moving in the right direction that creates the good life we all want. We have to stop looking at “what is” and just see whatever it is that we don’t like and ask ourselves, “well, what is it that I want instead of this” and then just start moving in that direction!

There is no need to explain to others why we have chosen the new, unexpected turn in our life and just going with the flow that life has presented for us. Even if you don’t know what the next step will be, it will be revealed to you if you just trust. I have no idea how I’m going to get my hands on organic food while living where I live, with only a couple of food stores to buy from that really doesn’t have what I now prefer. But I do know that God will provide for me; I even think that my dream of being able to move from here is very near manifestation! 🙂

I wasn’t expecting to have the awakening I had this weekend, but what I do know with absolute certain is that we have to go with the flow immediately when it is presented to us!

How many times haven’t you come by something really interesting online for example, or something a friend suggested and you went “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!” only to have postpone it to “another day”, which often times never comes, because you have forgotten it, or the energy flow ceases to have the driving force behind it because you didn’t go with it.
It’s like saying to the universe that you’re not really that interested after all, so the flow changes in another direction. You are the changer of the energy flow. We all direct it with our attention.

This is something I have seen so many times with people in my life, and although I consider myself being a person who really do go with whatever is interesting at the moment, I too have forgot many things along the way that I thought would be interesting to look into more, only to find myself have forgotten what it was..! One great tip for you is that if you don’t have the time or you just can’t get into it right away, then write it down and look at it when you do. Act on it when you have time later that day.

An example of how to go with it is what I did this weekend. My intention (even before the weekend) was to become more healthy, and I had decided to begin my new, healthy way of living this next new moon which is on Friday this week.

But I knew from after I had watched the movies that I watched and from investigating about food etc as I did this past weekend, that I had to go with it right away. I needed to make a firm decision to make the changes now and not wait. What happens most of the time if we wait is that it’s not that desirable anymore after a few days, and we kind of forget about it. We have to act immediately when we are given the contrast!

If not, then not much will change. It only shows that it wasn’t really important after all. Or that is how the universe interpret it. Whatever we give our attention is what is important to us on a deeper, subconscious level.

So if someone gives you a book, says something to you, refers you to someone else, tells you something interesting etc, and you feel it stirs something within you, then that feeling is a sign that you must go with it right away. The curiosity of your inner being is the sign.
It’s like the universe is reaching out a hand to you and it’s your choice whether or not you will take it.

Look at what you don’t want, but only glance at it, feel the feeling of being against something, or someone opinions that you disagree with, but only touch it slightly with your awareness (don’t get all worked up and annoyed by it! The only one who is suffering by doing so, is you), and then shift focus on what you are for instead, and what you want instead of the contrast 🙂

Sessions with me are a unique combination of intuitive guidance, energy healing and transformational coaching.

What energy healing can help you with:

  • Remove and clear away negative and toxic energy.
  • Cut the energetic cords to the past, people and things.
  • Remove dark and heavy energies that hold you back.
  • Lift away any burdens that are weighing you down.
  • Remove blockages and old, stagnant energy that keeps you stuck.
  • Release trauma and pain on whatever is going on in your life.

As you’re freed from the past/old and blockages are released and dissolved, you’re able to move forward in life with a new sense of aliveness, inner joy, peace and confidence.


Transformational coaching and energy healing

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