Stay in the Now

Whenever you encounter some sort of challenge in life, the best way to handle it is to do anything you can to bring yourself back to this present moment.

The present moment is all we have, and when we get worried or fearful we become lost—and it’s all happening in the movement of thought.

Hours and sometimes even days and weeks go by, and the fear gets bigger and bigger; we become totally consumed by our own thoughts.

The instant we can bring our awareness to this very moment, we find peace.

Think of every occasion when you have wasted your time and energy thinking resentful thoughts toward someone. We have all done that.

We make up scenarios in our mind of what we are going to tell someone and how he or she is going to respond, and then think of different ways to reply.

This goes on and on and on, and it’s all happening in our mind and nowhere else!

We are expending energy on that which doesn’t even exist.
The person you are feeling resentful toward probably has no idea of the “problem” that you are creating!

Think of all the times you have gone back in memory, remembering something that you consider negative.

What you are actually doing is keeping the events and situations alive and creating more of the same all in your mind, and your mind is reacting to every thought that you keep thinking, not knowing if it actually happened in the past.

For the mind it is always happening in the Now.

Every time we worry about the future, we are wasting our energy and time; we are wasting this precious moment by creating the very future we worry about.

We can change this in an instant by looking at out troubles from another perspective.

Change the feelings and thoughts first—put your attention on how events feel in the present moment.

You don’t have to look at what is, only be aware of your response to it. Whatever reaction we have, we can learn to talk ourselves into a different kind of response.

Stay in the present moment, on a moment to moment basis 🙂


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  1. Lana

    Thank you Maria…I should send this to a friend of mine! Staying in the moment is sooo important and not hanging onto the past or worrying about the future. Hard to turn it off and just be present, but it’s like when I go to Agape or read something..I’m in the present moment and it makes me feel good or having a simple meal..Again, thanks for the reminder..

  2. Do send it to your friend:-) I have a “share”-button in the right upper corner on the blog where you can share my posts with others if you like.

    Yes, it’s so important to stay “here, now”, and I needed this reminder myself right now too. It’s sometimes very easy to get into the worrying-game of the ego when things don’t develop as we think it should, or in the pace we think is the right one. But to always come back to the Now has helped me so many times; it’s such a relief when we can do that and get ourselves back to feeling the trust that All really is well after all:-)

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