…or TV, or the treadmill, office, or whatever it may be for you!

Step out in nature – enjoy the present moment without any distractions – without any kind of doing; simply be.

Last night was the first night that we had below 0°C here where I live – it was actually 1-2 minus (brr..!), and when I came into the kitchen to make some coffee in the morning I saw the frost on the ground in my garden.

The fall is upon us, and I hope you enjoy walks in the woods and nature as much as you possibly can now before the snow and freezing cold weather kicks in if you happen to live in a country that has cold winters as we have here in Scandinavia. (I’m a true summer lover and prefer warm sunny days🙂

Later on I went on a walk in the woods and took some pics that I have posted here if you’d like to see: Check out my album here.

Found some yummy mushrooms and took some apples from my neighbors apple-tree too 🙂

Meaningful moments like that can’t possibly be created by us, they are gifts from Spirit.

They are not even ‘gift’-gifts as they are always here, we just don’t always see them and appreciate them.

In those moments when we’re simply being, experiencing, looking, touching,.. we are fully present – in appreciation – and there is no room for the egoic grasping or pushing away.

Stop looking and you will find…

Stop all doing and just be…

Don’t look for something, just look, and take in the beauty of this moment.

The ego is always looking for peace, always looking for happiness, looking for love, looking for this, looking for that, never ever content, always on a search for something else but what is present in this moment right now.

It’s in the trying and striving that we miss what’s already present; it’s in the trying to “create” peace in our minds (by meditating with an agenda for example), in the striving to make stillness happen, that we are completely in the egoic state of mind; searching and looking for the obvious.

It’s already here.

Stop trying.

Notice when you do that peace and beauty is already here.

It’s not about “creating” anything; it’s about recognizing and acknowledging.

Always in the Now.


A short prayer for you:

“God, open doors that only you can open, and shut doors that is not for my highest good. Change my mind and heart so it’s in alignment with yours, show me your ways and give me the wisdom to follow them”

~Now go out and go for a walk and enjoy it to the fullest! 🙂

Pic from my walk earlier today

Colors, crispy air, and the smell of an autumn forest…


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