5 Simple Steps for Daily Happiness (+ Affirmations)

How to be happy every day:

1.) Get up in the morning with a sense of gratitude and thankfulness for what you have instead of begrudging what you don’t have and what you ‘have to do’ that day.

“I go to bed each night feeling satisfied with what I have accomplished, and I sleep in peace, and wake in joy.”

2.) Make someone happy as soon as you can when you wake up in the morning. Give your wife/husband/partner a kiss, make them breakfast or just smile to someone so that they know you’re happy to see them.

“I’m going to express all the qualities of the Divine today, such as being kind, happy, caring and encouraging.”

3.) Don’t give any thought to what you can’t control and don’t get angry because it’s raining or because someone is cutting you off in traffic.

“Instead of worrying and fretting about things, I choose to use the same imaginative power to that which empowers me.”

4.) Do everything with the mindset of “giving” instead of “getting”.

“I feel proud of what I’m accomplishing and for my contribution to the world.”

5.) Don’t engage in pessimistic conversations and other vibes of doom and gloom.

“I do not accept any unfavorable vibrations into my life and mind.”

Life wants you to be happy, and when you have that knowing inside you, fear and other disempowering feelings vanishes, and so does the obstructions to a life in the flow of all good.

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