Stop all doing and just BE.

You don’t have to invest in thinking, you don’t have to figure things out, nor do you have to frenetically try to fix things.

For now, just be.

You don’t have to believe your thoughts.

You don’t have to understand them, analyze them, or accomplish anything.

We are not our thoughts.

You don’t have to train yourself into believing you are lovable.

There’s an assumption in the affirmation “I am love” that you aren’t already and that you have to train (program) yourself into believing that.

As if you’re not enough, that you need to be fixed, that you’re inadequate.

We already are love.

We already are what we seek, cliche as it may sound, it is true.

Constant affirmations reinforces and strengthens the false self.

It’s even in the word; “self-image”, the image we have of ourselves.

That’s not who we are.

Thoughts and thinking is limited, and you will never find yourself by using the mind.

Yes, you can build and create a better functioning ego… a nicer ego, or a more powerful ego.

Sure, you can do that. But that’s still not who you really are.

Thoughts are old.

They are based on past experiences and conditioning, and by building up a better person so to speak, you are on a deeper level only reinforcing the belief that you are still not enough.

You are enough.

When we realize that, when identification shifts to Spirit, it can use the mind and not the other way around where the mind is running your life and you’re doing what you can to cope with it by all kinds of means to try to perfect it, try to control it, make it more this and that thinking you will feel better by doing that, thinking that someday your attempts will lead to some kind of fulfillment.

You actually don’t need to think.

Thinking can happen through you – that’s what inspiration, insights and great revelations come from; from that deep place within you that is beyond mind.

That deeper place of our true nature, that which can’t be created or manufactured.

– Because it already is and has nothing to do with the mind.

Inspiration, great ideas, the aha-moments of great revelations, wisdom, .. they all come to us and through us.

They are not by us.  

When you remove the thoughts of who you think you are, whatever that may be, ask yourself; what remains?

What is beyond the words that describe this “me”?

If they are no more, what is left?

Stop the mental process by asking with curiosity;

“If this is not who I am, if this is not true, then what is?”

We can’t know by thinking about it, no matter how pure our intentions are, it’s still about having beliefs that diminishes the expression of our true being.

We think we need to strive to be different, better, more fabulous.

That we need to create an attractive persona so that others like us, so that other accepts us, look up to us, thinks we are great.

But we can drop the mask and see what’s behind it.

Everything you think you are, you’re really not.

I invite you to stop all doing, stop all affirming, stop all trying to meditate the right way, stop all trying to figure out how to be, who to be, and simply BE.

If the mind comes in with opinions, if it rejects the stillness that comes from just being, let it.

That’s what minds do. They object and evaluate, they push away, they want something else, and so on.

Let it do it’s thing; no need to get drawn into any mind-made drama 🙂

You don’t have to believe your thoughts, and you don’t have to fight them nor give them any emotional fuel either.

You can just let everything be, everything.

Be still and know that I am God”

Remember the wisdom of that message. Remember it with your heart.

Be still.

Enjoy the stillness of You.

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