Letting go of control allows for things to fall into place.

Alignment = Manifestation

I promise you this: You’ll have the most amazing manifestations when you just relax and let go,

So today I invite you to do just that.

Surrender to the flow of Life and watch magic happen in your life!

Let go into the flow, completely, like nothing else matters.

Don’t hold on to the past and let go of any attachments to future outcomes.

What if you instead just assumed, yes, assumed, that everything is already taken care of?

That everything you want or need is already waiting for you and that there’s nothing more you have to do?

But to detach, chill, and relax, and letting any actions from now on unfold completely naturally.

Without any force or ‘trying’ whatsoever.

Hook yourself into the natural flow of order and let what wants to happen, happen.

Observe and adjust, that’s all you have to do.

Let things fall into place by themself.

Letting go of control allows for things to fall into place.

Whatever it is that you want or need, is already ready for you – all you have to do is to align yourself with it and it’ll come to you.

Release the need to control (it only creates resitance to the flow), and from this moment on, pay attention to any signs and synchronicities that follow and do ONLY what you’re genuinely inspired or inclined to do.

Allow things unfold as they wish; Let Life take over.

Don’t limit yourself to what you think you need or want or ‘have to do’.

Open your mind and consciousness and allow something greater to come in and flow through you.

From this moment on, move forward from a place of alignment, live each moment fully, without rigidity, forcing, or harboring feelings of frustration or stress.

Surrender to the flow and LET things happen. LET life happen.

See if that works out better than your own trying and struggling to make it work.

(And I assure you it does.)

Flow with the Now.

Meditate, set an intention, and then simply observe what happens on the outside in your everyday life and let yourself move in the direction of that, by the flow of your own life’s energy.

Let everything work itself out. Let it all flow naturally.

If it doesn’t flow naturally, don’t do it. (This takes courage as your ego will want to ‘do’ (=force/struggle) things anyway, even if it’s not in alignment with the flow).

Don’t struggle against the flow.

Let It lead from now on.

Allow for the free-flowing process of intertwining synchronicities to unfold.

Realize that this is as far as you could take it yourself.

And now release everything into the flow, yourself included.

From now on only move with that which feels right and best, in harmony with the flow of Life.

When you surrender and let yourself align with the flow of Life instead of swimming upstream or trying to control the outcomes, miracles flood in.

Manifestations happen in this state. The realizations of long-held dreams materialize. The love, the new home, the money, it all floods in once you get yourself in alignment with it.

So make alignment your number one priority;

Free yourself up from the heaviness of obsessive thinking, trying and doing, and watch miracles and magic happen in your life!

The most important thing is to be true to yourself and resolve to follow only your genuine and naturally unfolding inclinations and inspirations.

Alignment first – and then ‘all things will be added unto you.’

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If you’re in the Costa del Sol or Gibraltar area be sure to pick up the August 2019 edition of Society Marbella Magazine and read my article in it about intuition and how to make it your greatest ally in life! 😊

Society Marbella Magazine, Costa del Sol
Society Marbella Magazine, Costa del Sol, Spain
Society Marbella Magazine, Maria Erving
Society Marbella Magazine, Article by Maria Erving

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