Surrender To Your Destiny

Every living beings destiny is to live in freedom and fulfillment, each and every one of us has that desire.

How that looks for each individual is different depending on their own personal desires, preferences, purposes and dreams.

It’s when we are clear about those things and when we live in alignment with them that our life becomes free and fulfilling.

When we allow ourselves to focus on what is really important to us, that’s when we can live an authentic life that reflects who we truly are.

The “rules” of life are pretty easy because we all want the same things; we all want to be free and happy, so the rule of respecting yourself and respecting others and the planet should be obvious to all of us.

But it’s not. (Yet.)

Love can’t flourish freely where there is ignorance about who we really are, and where the power that we are born with has been projected outward towards a God that in actuality lives within us.

In reality we are one with life and all in the universe, and self-awareness is the key to discover and realize that.

There has to be a shift in consciousness before a transformation can happen, both on an individual level and on a global level.

The transformational shift goes through stages where the average person first lives with the belief that life happens to them (we have been programmed to think that), then they might get fed up later in life and muster up some courage to make a change and they then move to the belief that life happens by them (by willpower only).

They might accomplish great things in life, become materially successful and so on, but then they discover that that didn’t make them happy and free after all.

This is where they begin to seek inwardly for the answers and they move to yet a different level of consciousness where they feel a presence in their life, a divine presence, call it God or whatever you wish.

Most people are stuck in the ego level of consciousness where they think life happens to them and where they are powerless victims to circumstances.

And those who decide to move away from that level then move into a strengthened ego consciousness where the goal is about attaining freedom by material things such as money, power, possessions and so on.

Nothing wrong with material wealth by the way, that’s not what I’m saying, and the ego is not “bad”, it’s just unconscious and ignorant.

Generally people won’t find happiness at this level of consciousness unless they have a deeper sense of self as well. (You can be wealthy and have lots of material stuff and be happy at the same time.)

Many people find that what they thought would bring them peace of mind just didn’t manage to do so, and this is a realization that can come about at this level of consciousness. 

If they choose to not see this, they will stay on this level and remain unsatisfied and many start drinking or doing drugs or using other people for sex etc, or they do other unhealthy things to get that uneasy feeling inside of them to go away.

This is where a breakthrough can happen, just as it did on the first level.

The gift of discontent.

This is where a new shift can happen where the person decides to find the true happiness that they crave, so they begin going inwards because obviously it wasn’t to be found outside of themselves in all the stuff they have attained.

As this transformation progresses, they eventually shift to a new level of consciousness where they feel a presence in their life, many times called “God”.

They might have come to this level of consciousness by going to rehab for drug addiction or some other addiction, or because they have burned themselves out by overworking and stress, or they might come to this shift by depression and a sense of meaninglessness in general.

Usually a crisis of some sort propels this process to take off. 

This is where profound change can happen and in this healing process they come to realize that God lives through them and as them, and as the realization deepens even more they come to eventually live a life of Truth and become a Light to the world.

This is why we are here. To serve and love one another.

Andalucia, Spain

How do we then get to this point in our life?

There has to be a moment in a persons life where they say ‘enough is enough, I take my power back’, and this can happen in any of the stages I just described.

It’s the gift of discontent – that’s where our choice lies.

This is where we can choose to stay as we are or we can choose to change and become who we really are.

There has to be a shedding of the victim-role, and there has to be a letting go of the person they have become as a result of the way they have lived up until now.

There has to be an intention to live differently, a yearning to be more, to live more fully.

The desire of freedom and fulfillment has to become all-consuming, and the quest has to be projected inwards because that’s where it is found, that’s where the diamond is that we have been looking for all our lives.

We free ourselves by becoming clear about our values, standards and desires.

We free ourselves from confusion and doubt by being true to ourselves.

We free ourselves from false perceptions, drama and chaos by self-awareness.

We are all here to be immersed in the One; firmly rooted in the Truth of who we really are.

This is where you need to become clear about your vision for your life.

What your vision is has to do with what truly will bring you freedom and fulfillment and what that comes from is from being true to who you are, your values, your preferences, your dreams and desires.

This is what my work is about.

I’m here to support and guide you on your path to self-realization which involves the letting go of the old, to be cleared of the past so that the greatest (not the greater, but the greatest) vision for your life can begin to unfold.

That vision, the greatest vision that Life/God has for you and through you, is something you are given, you receive it once you have your own vision clarified and integrated in your life.

All life is is an expression of what is within your own consciousness, and that’s where all change begins. 

We can’t live a true life until we have reached a higher level of consciousness; we need to move away from the ego consciousness that keeps humanity small and (seemingly) powerless.

You alone make the choice of going into this transformational journey, and then unlimited possibilities open up in regards to how that vision will come to fruition and manifestation in your life.

You stand in your decision and every moment is a point of power. 

You anchor yourself in the Truth of who you are and You stay stay true to that.

This way you cannot be lead astray and you will not be afraid or fearful of any powers of the world (there are no external powers) because you know you are your own authority.

You will be free from confusion and doubt, free from false perceptions and illusions, free from drama and chaos, and you will be free to express yourself.

Your sincere willingness to surrender to your destiny is a sign that shows that you know you’re worthy of receiving the greatest vision that Life has for you.

You return to yourself – You come home to yourself, and that’s the miracle from where all else unfolds.

You are in essence the living embodiment of Truth and you can live your whole life from that place within your own self, it’s waiting for you to acknowledge it so that it can begin to express itself through you and in your life.

This is where you can begin to give of your gifts and talents to the world and this is where your fulfillment also lies.

This is where true value is – the reality of You.

When you become clear about life, life (God) becomes clear about its vision for you.

Our true heart’s desire is usually about expressing ourselves and to discover our innate talents, skills, gifts, and abilities so that we can share them with the world in whatever way that is unique for us, and when we express God’s vision for our life, that’s when we are fulfilled.

This is also where we realize that we are free, and have always been, but we couldn’t see it from the level of consciousness we were on before.

There’s a lot of shedding and letting go that has to happen, a lot of releasing and surrendering, and when all the false has been removed and cleared out – there you are, the true you that was hidden behind and under all that false nonsense that is not of Truth.

Do you feel the inner calling to surrender to this destiny of yours?

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