Surrender prayer by Maria Erving

Let the Divine take over everything (Surrender Prayer)

When you don’t know what to do or in what direction to go, go within.

Instead of struggling and striving, trying harder, having anxiety and feeling worry, allow the Divine to take over and help you.

Here’s a powerful surrender prayer that you can use that will bring you right back into peace again and to the feeling of assurance that all is well and that there’s nothing to fear.

I suggest that you first read it through once (turn off your phone and prepare for a meditation), with sincerity, and then elaborate on things that are personal to you to this infinite power that resides within you.

When you have communicated it all and feel the relief that comes from that, close your eyes and really feel the truth of what just happened and let your mind and thoughts roam as they want to.

They will most probably go in all directions at first but as you just breathe and allow everything to be, soon a peace will come over you and the mind gets quieter and quieter.

So let go of even trying to control your thinking or the direction of your thoughts in this meditation.

Utterly surrender to the experience and allow peace flood over your whole being.

It can be helpful to say things like “I allow everything, I offer no resistance at all. I allow everything, everything to just be what it is” and really feel how that releases tension and stressful thoughts.

There’s tremendous life force energy being released when you surrender like this, when the surrender is total and you feel complete trust in letting go.

This prayer meditation can change the trajectory of your life if you do it with sincerity and utter surrender, and the immediate results you will feel from this is peace, joy and love, and a deep sense of connectedness with the Divine.

And that’s when you’re in the perfect place for wonderful new unfoldings to take place in your life.

It all happens from a place of peace and letting go.

Powerful surrender prayer:

“I know that there is an all-knowing, all-powerful intelligence within me that knows everything about me.

It knows every single detail about my life, my dreams, desires and goals. It knows the exact steps and events that needs to happen for everything to come together and its timing is always perfect.

The all-knowing power that is within me knows exactly how to bring me to the fulfillment of my dream/goal/desire and how to bring It to me.

It knows all about the money and other things I need, the people who are divinely assigned to help me, and how to orchestrate everything in the most wonderful ways for everything to come together perfectly.

It knows EVERYTHING. So I surrender EVERYTHING.

My whole life I put in the hands of the Divine, I lay it all at its feet.

I let it take over, completely, and let it show me the appropriate way forward.

Because I don’t know, but I know It knows, and I trust it with every bit of my being because I know it loves me and cares for me and wants me to be happy.

I surrender the struggle, the striving, the anxiety, stress, fears and worries to this infinite and loving presence within me that governs my life, knowing that its ways are past finding out.

I know and feel its supportive and loving energy now as I speak these words and I can feel the relief in giving it all over.

The all-knowing and all-powerful, limitless and infinite power to which all things are possible, is my true identity, and I let it lead my life from this moment on, knowing that it supports me in my endeavors and wants to see me succeed, because we are One.

You show me what the way is, what’s next, and what my part is in the realization of my dreams, goals and desires. You know the way.”

I’m not gonna try to figure it out anymore; I’m leaving it all in your hands now. It’s all yours; I am yours, my life is yours, _____ is yours.

You have all the right solutions and answers so I let you lead and take over completely. I surrender it all to you.

Phew! You should feel a huge relief after you’ve done this.

And remember to make this prayer personal so you communicate about all the things that are weighing heavy on your heart and mind so that you get it all out, knowing that the Divine is right there with you, hearing every concern of yours and ready to help you as soon as you let it all go into its hands.

What a relief it is to realize/remember that you have this loving presence in your life that is ready to help you at every turn and at all times!

What follows after a prayer meditation like this is just amazing; you can expect something really, really good to happen and start to unfold in your life.

It is my absolute promise to you.

The Divine is the most amazing friend that you can ever have.

After you’ve done this it’s important that you stay in the space of allowing and receiving and that you don’t go back to grasping and trying to control how, when, and what will happen next.

You will be inspired/compelled to do something (from a place of obviousness and the feeling of rightness) or something will just happen out of the blue that will astound you and help you move forward.

Sometimes even huge manifestations happen, things that you have wanted for a very long time, and now they just suddenly materialize right before your eyes.

So it’s important to remember that your job for now is to stay open, relaxed and aware, and simply watch (and enjoy!) the magic happen.

Remember these words:

Utter and complete release and surrender, with the inner knowing that with the Divine you’re safe and that there’s nothing for you to fear, only to look forward to.

Only to look forward to.

Ah, feels good to let go of all that tension and be able to breathe again, doesn’t it? 😊

Sweet surrender! It always takes you right back to where you truly belong, which is in the beautiful flow of Life!

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