Surrender Your Problems And Struggles

Have you tried to solve something in your life for ages, or tried to accomplish something of great importance to you, like finding a job or having a career breakthrough but have not yet succeeded?

Is there something in your life that you have wanted for a very long time and you have prayed and taken all the possible actions you could think of, but nothing has happened and now you have reached a place where you’re feeling discouraged, sad and maybe even frustrated? 

There is a way to turn things around and heal anything in your life.

Surrender Them All

Release and surrender the problems, the struggles, the difficult situation, the challenge, the pain.

Here’s a way in which you can do that right now, and I want you to pay attention to how your body and mind reacts to this, because how your emotional and mental state changes has everything to do with the solutions.

Write down (or say it out loud as a prayer) in your journal or a piece of paper the challenge you have, and then after you are done also admit to yourself that you don’t know the answer or solution to your difficulty but that you know that the power within you know all the answers.

Here’s an example:

“I don’t know how I will be able to pay my bills tomorrow. I have followed every guidance I have received and I don’t know what to do anymore.

The only thing I do know is that I can trust the God-power within me for everything good in my life and that includes money.

I have tried all my own ways and they have not worked so I now release and let go of this and I let the God within me take care of it for me.

I know that God knows the perfect solutions so I let go, trusting that the solution will present itself, in divine order. Thank you God”.

You can write as much as you feel like writing (even many pages) and it’s a good idea to write it all out; everything that is heavy on your heart.

The main point with this is to state your problems or challenge and then acknowledge that there’s a power within you that knows more than you do and that has all the answers you seek.

Notice how it makes you feel, what it does to your body and overall well-being to feel the relief in letting the strife go.

It’s like a huge sigh of relief and the tension in your body relaxes and there’s a sense of peace within you.

This is an experience of relaxing into Truth.

That’s how we are suppose to feel all the time. It’s not natural to be tense and worried and fearful. Those are states that we have learned.

We have been taught that worry is normal in life. It’s not. We are suppose to function from state of peace and calmness.

When we hold on too tight to our wishes, wants/needs or desires we stagnate or block the flow of natural unfolding from taking place.

Truth is that we don’t know everything, but there’s a part of us that do know, and when we surrender to that there’s an instant relief within us.

It’s when we stop trying to find a solution that we find the solution. How ironic, isn’t it! 🙂

All that struggle and strife, the worry and fear…! For nothing.

It’s not necessary to go through all those emotions and the mental turmoil, but the ego-mind does not let go easily because it’s afraid of loosing control.

But what a relief it is to say, truthfully, to yourself:

I don’t know, I really don’t know. But I know the power within me knows so I release it to it to handle now”.

Surrendering Works in All Areas of Life

Whatever it is, a relationship issue, work issues, money problems, addictions, whatever it is that you might be struggling with, release it to the power within, trust that the right solutions will come to you as you let go and let God.

Even your disbelief you can surrender!

God, I don’t know why I have this doubt because I know it’s not real. I trust you. Please remove my disbelief. Thank you”.

Let go of anxious and tense thoughts, let go of trying to force an outcome that you think is the right one, and surrender your constant trying to control and fix things and let it all go to the hands of the God-power within you.

Accept that you don’t know. What a relief that is!

After you have done that sincerely, now all you have to do is to hold on to your faith and trust, and I know it’s not easy all the time, but that’s the only way.

You have to have faith no matter what appearances tells you.

Continue turning within and ask for guidance and for peace every time the old fears well up inside you.

You can do it by closing your eyes for a moment and say:

I’m beginning to feel fear again God. I know it’s not Truth so please remove that which is not real within me and replace it with your peace. Thank you God. I trust you”.

The ego will try to get you in the “figure-it-all-out-mode” again but you just keep reaffirming Truth and lead your mind back to God a thousand times if you have to.

Remember that the mind is conditioned to worry and fret, it’s what it has been trained to do, so by knowing this you can be more compassionate and also firm in your approach to it.

You are gently but authoritatively guiding it towards that which you know is the Truth.

Give up thinking you know the answers, because let’s face it; you haven’t figured it out so far have you?

Keep reminding yourself of that and it will soon become obvious to you that the only way to turn is towards the power within you that has all the answers and you can’t figure any of them out.

They will be given to you.

Be willing to surrender and dare to think differently by being an observer for a while.

Pay attention to how things unfold but do not get in the way of things. Be open to receive.

Give yourself permission to relax and acknowledge that the power within knows the way.

That creates a mind-shift that moves you from struggle to feeling and sensing that you abide in a place where you are safe and calm.

Live in a quiet state of confident expectation in the pure knowing that God is working on your behalf, right now. You do not need to worry about a thing.

Walk through the day as if you absolutely know that God is helping you and taking care of your needs, and keep your mind busy with something else (take away your focus from the problem altogether) that is constructive and enjoyable.

Allow yourself to rest and breathe.

Abiding in this kind of trust allows you to rest in a peaceful and calm awareness where your intuition is heightened and not blocked by fear, and there’s an increasing feeling of acceptance of the situation no matter how it seem to look, and a love for this power within you that you feel cares about your well-being.

You feel loved. (And you are). 

Once you’re in this space within yourself you will automatically be guided and inspired to do exactly what needs to be done, or you may be guided to take no action at all, but however it unfolds; you will absolutely know when it’s time for you to make a move.

The nudge from within will be unmistakable. (And it will feel right, or good). 

Until then, watch the beauty of life unfold where your answers and solutions appear before you and whatever you previously perceived as wrongs will now right themselves before your eyes.

Sometimes there’s adjustments in circumstances and the timing of things that needs to get aligned (which you can’t control) in order for the right elements to come together in a situation before you see where it’s going, so let things unfold naturally without interfering.

Put your trust in the God-power within you instead of your fears and worries and watch the magic unfold.

Relax and Trust. Do just that and feel how right that feels within your heart.

Welcome back into the flow of life 🙂


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