Surrender to the Universe and you have nothing to fear

Surrendering takes you back into the flow of Life

Surrendering is the key to inner peace and progress.

What it means to surrender:

You let go of the ego’s need to control, realizing that there’s another way to move forward that the limited self has not been able to see yet.

There’s an all-knowing part of you that has the whole picture, knows the way to your desires (which has been given to you by the Divine), and most importantly; it shows the way.

It knows all the answers and solutions you seek and the right way forward.

You know when you’re out of flow when you’ve began struggling, pushing, striving and becoming frustrated and feeling like a victim of your circumstances.

That’s when you have given over the control to the ego.

To give it back to the Divine you need to surrender that control as well as your beliefs about how you ‘think’ things should unfold and happen (and how fast).

I can promise you this; once you let go, that’s when things start to happen fast, but not until then. So why not live this way? It’s so much more enjoyable to live in the flow of Life than to be struggling against it!

If you’re obsessing over something, if you’re fixated or attached to a specific outcome and you find yourself being needy and clingy, then see this post as a message from the Divine that you need to let go and let It take over, because that’s where your freedom and joy is and that’s always what it wants for you.

What you seek and want will come to you when you let go of your clinginess to it and immediately as you do this you will feel relief and become more relaxed and feel like you can finally breathe again.

You will instantly fall back into the flow where you feel supported, at peace and connected to the Divine within you.

Trust that if what you want is meant to happen it will happen, and if not then something greater and better will happen, something that will bring you even greater joy than what you thought your own plans could give you.

When you let go you let go into the flow of Life and that’s when things can unfold naturally and things just suddenly click into place by themselves without you having to put them into place, or “make them happen”.

Instead you let them happen, you let things come to you.

Surrendering can be confusing for those who don’t understand the dynamics of the co-creative process and that’s where the suffering comes from.

It is important to get clear on what you want and about the direction of your life (where you want to go) and taking action and doing things that moves you in that direction (to “make it happen”), so it can be challenging for some people to fit the two together, the action-part and the surrendering-part.

Learning to trust is a huge part of this process and when you start trusting yourself and your inner guidance you also have greater love and compassion for yourself.

To not trust yourself causes self-doubt and you think you’re doing something wrong because things are not happening the way you want them to happen and then you’re blaming yourself and so on and so on.

This self-doubt keeps you from allowing the blessings that are assigned to you to come to you because you’re constantly thinking that it’s all up to you, that you have to do it all alone (and in the perfect way and by always having to be perfect so you can be ‘deserving’).

You are not doing anything wrong (and you already are deserving!), you’re just slightly off path and out of alignment and sometimes all that is needed is a small little shift, a millimeter shift, and you’re back in the flow again, feeling connected and guided and loved and all that good stuff! 😊

Honor your feelings and ask for guidance and you will receive it.

It’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling, just don’t wallow in discouragement, anger, frustration, resentment, impatience and disappointment etc.

Instead surrender and go within and get real quiet and just ‘be’ for a while and ask to be taken back to Truth, back to peace.

When you open up to the flow, you open up to Life itself to flow freely and unhindered and this brings not only peace to you but also all the things you’ve been seeking and wanting.

Getting in alignment can literally transform your life almost instantaneously.

And you will get validations and confirmations from the Universe right away too, in the form of synchronicities and other signs.

A lot of things can flow to you when you surrender to the reality that is actually for you, instead of trying to make the reality your ego thinks is for you happen.

Surrender everything now after you’ve read this and watch how Life can do so much more for you than what you can do for yourself when you finally get yourself out of the way.

When you surrender to the flow you’re saying Yes to Life, and that’s when life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.

Spiritual surrender is not defeat, it’s victory, it sets you free:

One last thing;

A lot of people ask me how to surrender, “what do I do? I mean, how do I do it?” they ask, so if you don’t want to read all the articles I’ve written throughout the years about surrendering, then here’s the short answer:

Surrendering is not about ‘doing’, but about stopping what you’re doing.

Just STOP.

Don’t “do” anything.

Breathe, open your hands and heart and release everything,

and then go for a walk or something.

It’s that simple, yet it’s the hardest thing for most people to do because we have been conditioned to believe that life is a competition and a struggle for survival so we’ve become so disconnected from our inner guidance.

Surrender takes you right into the arms of the Divine, and when there, you’re at peace and at home with yourself again where you belong.

So just STOP everything you’re doing and simply say something like this:

“I give everything over to you, I’m all yours and my life (and struggles/challenges etc.) are completely in your hands now. You know what to do with it (and I don’t) so you handle it. Thank you for showing me that this is the answer that I have been looking for. “

That’s all you have to do.

It’s the intention behind it that matters, not “how” you do it.

Just surrender, and watch your life rearrange itself without any help from you perfectly into harmony according to the energy of your true life’s flow.

Real healing and true transformation has to do with the removal of all that stands between us and Truth, it removes what you’re not, and empowers and expands the truth of who you really are.


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