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Invite synchronicity into your life.

Every thought you send out is an intention, and consciousness follows vision, the things you envision and imagine in your mind.

Today I want to invite you to get really clear on something you’d like to see happen in your life. 

Write it down, and get very still and into a meditative state.

When you’re relaxed, drop your desire into the deeper levels of consciousness and feel its reality for a few moments. 

In your minds eye, looking out from your own eyes, step into the vision and explore a world just as real as this one. 

And when you feel you’re done, say slowly and quietly to yourself that you are going to pay attention to any synchronicities and signs for the remaining of the day. 

And then get ready! Because things will show up and start happening all around you. 

The Universe will start to speak to you in very clear ways. 

You will get clear signs that something very powerful is happening behind the scenes, and you will feel the presence of the Divine in your life (very powerfully and intimately!). 

The synchronicities you’re about to experience are sure signs that you’re on the right path and they will speak to you with such clarity it will blow your mind. 

Do this now, and I hope you have the most beautiful Sunday ever, filled with wonderful synchronicities! 😊

 All the best, always,


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