Want More Synchronicity In Life?

To experience more synchronicity and ‘coincidences’ we need to listen and be aware of the world around us and also our intuition.

That’s how the universe speaks to itself, it’s an ongoing flow of information that comes from both the outside and from within.

It’s always happening, it’s just that most people are not aware enough to see them.

Pay attention to how the universe speaks to you today

Participate in the flow by being attentive and by listening to your inner voice.

When something comes to your attention more than 2-3 times then listen extra carefully because that’s a significant sign for you.

It could be a confirmation from the universe telling you that you’re in the perfect flow with the right path, or it may be a sign that asks you to take some kind of action.

And the more you do, the more synchronicities will there be in your life.

Go ahead – step forward

Do what you’re guided to do. Sometimes it’s about taking action and sometimes it’s about relaxing into doing nothing but trusting that everything is unfolding perfectly.

You will know when you listen and are attentive and aware of how Life speaks to you.

Sometimes the universe speaks to us by repeating words or phrases to signal that that’s something important (or as a conformation to you so that you can relax into the inner knowing and be at peace).

You just start to hear (and see) the words several times in different forms and contexts and the more we pay attention the more we see them.

One way to do this is to become quiet and ask what you need to pay more attention to.

Be still and you will know

Close your eyes for a few moments and then when you’re in a relaxed state of mind (it only takes a minute or so) start asking questions like:

“Is there something I haven’t been getting that is trying to get through to me?”

“What is important that I see and understand? Please be very clear”.

“What do I need to know about _____?”

“What is trying to be known and shown to me?”

And so on.

Speak from your heart and when you’re done, take a few moments to sit quietly and simply listen.

You will feel a “click” within you that tells you when the meditation is over, and when you do you then let it all go.

Take a deep breath and move and shake your body to create a ‘break’ and then simply go about your day and see what begins to unfold and come to you.

Sometimes (usually) some kind of sign, coincident or direct and clear guidance comes almost immediately so pay attention.

Awareness is key


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