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“I’m tired of being in a limbo state – What can I do to progress?”

I received a long Ask Maria email from someone who’s frustrated of having been stuck in a limbo for a very long time, and in this article I’m sharing the different things that might be causing the limbo state, and what to do to get unstuck and to finally enjoy the experience of forward movement and progress in your life, work or calling. So many breakthroughs can happen when we realize the things I’m sharing in this article, and amazing and magical, even miraculous, things can happen literally overnight, so enjoy the read and allow yourself to leap forwards!

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Ways to Move from Lack and Scarcity to Abundance Consciousness

Many people are embarking on new career paths right now that are more in alignment with what their soul actually wants, but a lot of people also have so much fear and worry around the financial aspect of things. The truth is though, that when you follow your intuition and calling, everything you need for the unfoldment and fulfillment of that calling is already contained in it, it’s all included in the package. Here’s how you can begin shifting the fear-based beliefs that keeps you limited and stifled in lack and scarcity consciousness.

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How to Manifest More Income Into Your Life

Surrender is not something you can use as a ‘tool’ to get what you want. That’s the ego talking. It’s your Being that creates the external and when you get in alignment things will come to you naturally, you don’t have to chase anything or being frustrated and live your life in a state of lack and scarcity. Surrender is a very important part of the creative process of the universe. Get in alignment and watch magic happen!

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