Are you a spiritual seeker or a founder?

How can I be “spiritual” yet be put off by people who seem “similar” to me?

A reader about dating ‘spiritual’ people: “Why do spiritual people annoy me? I used to think it would be awesome to meet someone who finally “understands” me, whom I can talk to about these things but the opposite happened – I felt EXTREMELY put off by the whole thing and had ZERO interest to talk about all that stuff! It felt very heavy and just wrong. Some would talk about consciousness and it almost felt like they were trying to teach me, it was very annoying, and I sensed an arrogance to it too.” Read my reply in this article.

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Choose a Higher Level of Consciousness and Live Your Life from There

There’s a huge division between the higher and lower levels of consciousness in the world right now. A lot of tension, upheaval, protesting and conflicts going on, but there’s also an awakening happening, a process of the world coming into alignment and unity. In this process it’s important to choose what level of consciousness you want to live on and from, and it’s also more important now than ever to show a lot more kindness and compassion towards those that are on a different level than we are.

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Enlightenment is not a state

The “enlightened” ego. “When I was 20 after practicing a lot of acceptance, meditation, and letting go I was able to experience a state of complete enlightenment where I was…

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