when friendships fall away

What to do when you’re growing and the people in your life are not (Part 2/2)

What do you do when you have less and less in common with your friends and even your own family or partner/spouse? When you’re moving in too different directions in life, and where the only things you seem to have in common anymore is your past? In this article I answer the question “What do you do when you have outgrown someone you love?” that a reader asked and who loves her friend, but no longer feel good being around him or doing the things they used to do together.

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Follow and Trust Your Path Without Fear

One thing that I’ve learned from my own journey is that I never had to be scared, worried or afraid. I was always supported, and so are you. We always are, all of us. This article is for all of you out there who are scared right now as I know many of you are. Whatever you’re in the midst of, you don’t have to go through anything feeling fear, worry and anxiety. When you live in alignment with who you really are you never have to fear or be scared. Choose to trust the path you’re on and know that you’re always taken care of.

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Choose to be in alignment with yourself and the flow of Life (4 questions)

Following your inner guidance is the fastest way to shift your vibration into alignment with the flow of Life. We have been trained to live out of alignment with the flow and to tolerate and settle for less than what our souls really want. Self-awareness is crucial, and so is being open to the flow of the universe and having the trust and willingness to adapt to its changing currents, which is the real meaning of “going with the flow”. Here’s 4 questions that will help you get back in alignment with yourself again.

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